[critical] Young Adult

Originally from a small provincial town where she was bored to death, Mavis Gary moved to Minneapolis where she became a author of novels for teens. But when she learns that her ex-boyfriend from high school has become a father, she decides to return to the scene of his childhood to reclaim it. While Mavis seems sure of herself and of her power of seduction, the situation does not turn to his advantage. It builds a relationship unusual with a former classmate from high school, uncomfortable in his skin, which, in spite of appearances, it looks like more than it seems…

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 28, 2012

Directed by Jason Reitman

Film american

With Charlize Theron, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson

Duration : 1h 33min

Original title : Young Adult

Trailer :

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Surfing on the wave of american independent films and finding little by little its letters of nobility, Young Adult paints a portrait of a working woman seemingly stable but with an emotional fragility that is conducive to drag slowly but undoubtedly in the depression. So, having just received the invitation of his childhood love to him announcing the birth of his first child, this young negro (to understand the writer of the shadow) hand in her home on a whim, determined to reclaim it at all costs.

Therefore, which could be likened to a road-movie divinely orchestrated highlighting the complexity of the Man turns into a drama simplistic, lacking in originality and oomph. We are anxiously waiting for this madness-we are embarking on a captivating adventure without ever realizing it. Not a single second staging platform and heavy by the time never will take off and what to say in these dialogues that will give a smile only on very rare occasions. Young Adult appears, therefore, as the perfect example of the scenario is banal, almost lazy, and not based on the presence of a prestigious actress.

An intimate drama wise, too wise even to totally convince us.

Because very much that will happen in memory at the end of the credits if this is a Charlize Theron of the beautiful days ? This last does what she can to keep out of the water this movie casse-gueule and it does, in a more than honorable. Annoying, sweet, obnoxious, adorable, exhausting, it perfectly embodies the child-woman noticed and remarkable, and it can be the worst bitches like a friend that you can count on every day. A head to smack bipolar, which could capsize the heart in a snap of the finger. Too bad the rest of the casting does not follow in this direction.

Result is an intimate drama wise, too wise even to totally convince us. In a speech similar, prefer safer securities, such as Juno, Little Miss Sunshine and, more recently, the surprising Hesher.

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