What could be more refreshing sometimes than a good little comedy to the French. CHEBA LOUISA plays rather the role : we have a good time, the actors are lively and well-anchored in their respective roles, the pace is alert and smoothes your skin easily with a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately, this movie is unpretentious and gives the impression of flying over the characters rather than knowing them in depth. Too great a lightness of a scenario night in the movie as a whole. But before you throw away too easily in the stone, we may, however, make a few positive reviews would want to (re)see this film, before addressing the details that make people angry and leave us breathless.

It is first seduced by the duo of actresses, the unlikely encounter between Isabelle Carré (Emma) and Rachida Brakni (Djemila), adjacent to bearing opposite or nearly so. Emma is also edgy, explosive and extrovert that Djemila is reserved, and modest. We can emphasize the fine composition of the actress Rachida Brakni, who plays in addition to his own role as that of his grand-mother, a singer of talent that has given its name to the film : a double employment, who offers him the opportunity to exploit the song and dance in the early stages of his character of a young woman of north african origin are well-integrated into society, but the personality too smooth. About Isabelle Carré, it confirms here his taste for Africa playing the Djembe, supporting the cause of a north african woman, and the voice of Rachid Taha, who accompanies the characters.

Despite the fleeting nature of reconciliations, the few moments of intimacy between the two women remain touching.

These two women support each other – and the pieces of life caught in their daily lives oscillate between humour and melancholy. While Emma never hesitates in anything, Djémila, always hides behind a veil – fictitious – that it won’t be long until sunrise.

Unfortunately for us, the topics are only sketched out. Precarious situation of a mother of two children, cashier and cash-strapped, but also the difficulty of a thirty-year-old to find its place as a free woman in the face of a mother (Biyouna) is pervasive and directive, celibacy, more or less assumed or arranged marriage are themes at the centre of this CHEBA LOUISA that magnifies the traits of the characters with the magnifying glass, without doubt, for less having to deal with them in depth. This results in roles high in color, certainly stereotypical but saved by the talent of the two actresses who seem to take delight in play of this lightness.

The whole remains pleasant thanks to the music of Rachid Taha, who comes from somehow saving the furniture and, as the actresses, manages to elevate the film a bit above the commonplace.



At age 30, Djemila, juriste single finally has his own apartment… right next to the home of his parents. French of north african origin, she does everything to erase its origins. Emma, her neighbor crazy and broke, oar to raise her two children. While everything between the two women, a friendship will be born thanks to their love of music.

Original title : CHEBA LOUISA

Realization : Françoise Charpiat

Screenplay : Françoise Charpiat, Mariem Hamidat

Main actors : Rachida Brakni, Isabelle Carré, Biyouna, Stanley Weber, Mhamed Areski, Baya Belal, Agathe de La Boulaye

Country of origin : France

Output : October 2, 2013 (DVD)

Duration : 95 min

Distributor : Warner Home Video France

Trailer :

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Publisher : Wild side video

Distributor : Warner Home Video France

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Keep Case

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 2.35

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Color

Audio : French 5.1, French 2.0

Subtitles : None

Deaf and hearing impaired : French


– Music videos

– Trailer



For those who love Rachid Taha, CHEBA LOUISA is a godsend, since the music of the film is mainly composed by the singer with the voice and to the agreements as individuals. The singer also makes an appearance at the beginning of the film. The dvd is otherwise in good order. Nothing to report otherwise a bonus in the form of music videos where we see the actress of the film (Rachida Brakni), sing and dance in the two roles which are attributed to him.

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