It was a long time that I had not looked at thriller. Film noir genre in the least. I like particularly this style but you know, the vagaries of life… in short ! It was then that I had in possession the DVD of THE ICEMAN. A film that has triggered a deep reaction ambivalent in my frail body. Explanation.

It is decided I will start directly by talking about Michael Shannon. Discovered (for my part) in the series Boardwalk Empire, in flic tenacious and bigot whose beliefs will be violently challenged, I am from his journey which turns out to be without a false note. It is one of the obvious reasons that made me want to see this film. Surprising bearded here, it must be confessed that he has the charisma and character icy, and at once distanced, necessary to assume this role. True rock, he then takes to perfection the role of a cornerstone.

If Michael Shannon is very good, the rest of the cast does not have to be ashamed. Ray Liotta, Winona Ryder, James Franco, Chris Evans, David Schwimmer and many others, also provide the show and are perfectly in place. The film has built up a team and to rely on the players talent, in order to ensure there is a flawless level of interpretation. The atmosphere is always just right. Nothing is ever too surjoué. The immersion is guaranteed.

A film noir reduced to the essentials. A focused genre film.

This is also engaged in the immersion, it is the care given to the careful reconstruction of an era. Sets and costumes are impeccably well thought out and granted. The dive in the universe of the scoundrel and insured and very pleasant. The sensation of quasi-documentary is almost here. It is, therefore, rather happy, and comfortably well-hung film.

Film unique. With its Unique rhythm. The action here is not the main objective. On the contrary, and with gusto, the ascension of the main character is beautifully staged using music and footage fast. It focuses not on the killings. The interest is elsewhere. The film takes its time, and reduces everything that does not relate to the hero at a bare minimum. Where a slow pace and atypical, which focuses on Michael Shannon and his family.

It is in a film noir reduced to the essentials. A focused genre film. This is a short film that is only interested on the psychology of his character. The film is so shaky but comes out of it thanks to the delivery of the main actor. It is then a pleasure but also a half disappointment. A film that has made a bet but who would have won in thickness if it had not been so radical.



Drawn from actual events, this is the story of Richard Kuklinski, nicknamed ” The Iceman “, a hired killer who was convicted of a hundred murders sponsored by various criminal organizations in new york city. Leading a double life for more than twenty years, this pure model of the american dream, lived with his beautiful wife, Deborah Pellicotti, and their children, while being secretly a deadly professional killer.

When he was finally arrested by the feds in 1986, neither his wife, nor his daughters, nor his relatives had not doubted for a single moment that he was an assassin. Why is it now, and how has he been able to continue for so long ?

Original title : The Iceman

Achievement : Ariel Vromen

Screenplay : Morgan Land, Ariel Vromen

Main actors : Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, James Franco

Country of origin : United States

Output : June 5, 2013

Duration : 1h45mn

Distributor : Metropolitan FilmExport

Trailer :

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Publisher : Metropolitan Video

Distributor : Seven7

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Keep case

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 1.85 – 16/9 Anamorphic (compatible 4/3)

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Color

Audio : Dolby Digital – English 5.1 – French 5.1 – Audio Description 2.0

Sub-titles : French

Deaf and hearing impaired : French


– Making of

– Trailers



The technical quality of the DVD is very good. The image fully complies with the care brought to the photo and the decorations.

The sound is not left out in describing perfectly the details, the clicking of triggers and other rustling of costumes.

The DVD has an internet link, but its bonus, the most interesting is of course the making of. Have another look at the achievement is always friendly, but it was unfortunately the right-to-eight-minute supplement.

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