Richard Karlsen, captain of the rugby team and as a young man of the middle class irish, take advantage of the last days of summer before its entry to the university. His future seems bright and the field of possibilities is wide open. One day, he commits an act that is irreversible that would change forever his life and those of his loved ones.

Original title : What Richard Did

Achievement : Lenny Abrahamson

Screenplay : Malcolm Campbell after Bad Day in Blackrock by Kevin Powers.

Main actors : Jack Reynor, Lars Mikkelsen, Roisin Murphy

Country of origin : Ireland

Output : April 17, 2013

DVD release : August 20, 2013

Duration : 1 h 27 min

Trailer :

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So good in fact, the first Haneke I’ve seen, it was FUNNY GAMES. Fascinated, went back, gobsmacked, so I then made the filmography of the entire man. And as a good son that care about the education of its parents (?!), I talked to my parents. They have become fans also. So when WHAT RICHARD DID is available and that the reference to “In the line of Haneke” is in scope, I call my mother, you sit, and you look at it.

But it does not mean that we rest for a long time. Because yes, the film is short. And so this is a first point disturbing. Not that a short film is a bad one. No. But because the film manages a bad time. A presentation, effective this said and well done, Richard and his friends, his life, takes more than the half of the movie. Suddenly, the most interesting aspect (and sold in the synopsis), who discusses life after the upheaval, is treated far too concise. We just finally want to say : “All this just for that”.

However, the film shows a few peaks of intensity in this second part. Some moments reach a frank emotion : anxiety attack Richard, the discussion between Richard and his father, the tormented conscience of Richard…

An object potentially able but who has not managed to take flight.

The realization is rather correct. The plans are worked out, the coherence of light is part of the table, all fits and ties. The technical quality is so nice and of good quality. What you can blame, it is the gap between the technical, which is good, but that is not for the benefit of the story. There is a distancing between the realization and the core of the book. It has the appearance worked and very clean which films the about, but, in any cold. It was never really the impression that the realization bites to full teeth in its history.

The film rests on the shoulders of a young actor : Jack Reynor. He’s doing more than well, and manages to actually give life to his character and to make it a symbol. But it is too little. The performance cannot overshadow the lack of pace obvious.

In reality, we are faced with a film that is well, but ill put in light. The idea is good, the execution is good, the main actor is good, but, all together, is not good. It doesn’t work.

To turn round and say the same thing as in the beginning, it is a problem of time management. The presentation is too long and the psychological aspect too fast. The film would have gained in thickness if it had gained in length.

Despite all this, it is undeniable to recognise the visual qualities and the quality of the words. The end in particular gets to ask good questions and you are still working after the vision of the film.

Finally, it is a work in progress, a subject potentially able but who has not managed to take flight. In summary, imagine that the power of your Tortank you either fly out of bounds because your Squirtle isn’t evolving.

Editor : ZED

Distributor : ZED

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Keep Case

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 2.35 – 16/9 Anamorphic

(compatible 4/3)

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Color

Audio : Dolby Digital – English 5.1

Sub-titles : French

Deaf and hard of hearing : None


– Cut scenes

– Trailer



The technical quality is impeccable. The grain of vision is very good and respects perfectly the photo worked in the film.

A cold ambiance in the colors dry and dull emerges rather properly. The sound joined in this aspect by proposing an accuracy between the soundscape, the dialogues susurrés and the silences that are important.

By against bonus level and interactivity, it degrades frankly. A VOST just available and put a few points because there are additional scenes. But if you have not already enjoyed the film at the base…

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