[DISCUSSION] Joshua Oppenheimer

A few days before the release on the screens of the parisians of the documentary event THE LOOK OF SILENCE, we have been able to maintain with its director, Joshua Oppenheimer, also author of The Act of Killing (nominated for an oscar in 2014).

In less than 10 minutes, the documentary filmmaker tells us about the human adventure of the two films in 10 years, his meeting with Adi – main character in the second film, but also a key employee of the first – as well as the reception of films in Indonesia and the changes they have caused.

A 41-year-old Joshua Oppenheimer is one of the documentary makers, the most talented of his generation. Beyond the success of his films, his work is a major contribution to the recovery of the truth in a country rotting with corruption and fear.

Few filmmakers can boast of having had such a large impact on the reality.

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