Do Webinars count as live CE for pharmacy technicians?

Do Webinars count as live CE for pharmacy technicians?

How do I process continuing education for these activities? After completion of a live webinar, subscribers will complete an evaluation on ASHP eLearning. After completion of these steps, subscribers can claim CE credit.

Are Webinars Live CE?

A live webinar is a live seminar that is transmitted via the web. The primary difference, besides not being live, is the on-demand webinar requires a post test at the completion of the webinar in order to obtain a CE certificate. My State requires me to get a certain amount of live continuing education hours.

Does powerpak offer live CE?

One live webinar is available each month for 1 hour of Live CE credit.

How do I upload CE to Nabp?

Log in to your NABP e-Profile and select the CPE Monitor tile. On the CPE Monitor page, click Non-ACPE in the top navigation. Enter and submit the requested information.

How do I claim CE credit pharmacy?

How to Claim CE

  1. Login to the ASHP eLearning Portal at with the email address and password that you used at the time of registration.
  2. Find and open the meeting under My Activities.
  3. Enter the Attendance Codes that were announced during the sessions.
  4. Complete the Evaluation.

Does CE Broker report to NABP?

Log into your CE Broker account and hover your cursor over “My Records.” Select “Report Continuing Education” from the dropdown options. You’ll want to select the first option on the list – “Report Multiple Courses (except Medication Errors or HIV/AIDS) Using NABP Activity Transcript.” 2.

What is considered a live CE?

36 hours of Continuing Education (CE) are required for each 2-year renewal period. A minimum of 25% (9 hours) must be “live.” Webinars in which there is interaction with the instructor in real time (via instant messaging, for example), are considered “live”.

Are live webinars considered self-study?

What is Self-Study? Self-study is distinguished from “live events” (seminars, conferences and webinars) in that there is no interaction with a live instructor while taking the course. This allows you to take the course on your own schedule for a period of up to one year from the date of purchase.

How many hours of CE Do pharmacists need California?

30 hours
To renew your pharmacist license in California, you must complete 30 hours (1.25 hours per month) of continuing pharmacy education (CE) every two years. The law regarding CE can be found in section 4231 of the Business and Professions Code and in section 1732 of the California Code of Regulations.

Do pharmacy technicians have Nabp numbers?

All pharmacy technicians are required to report an NABP e-Profile Number in order to renew their registrations for 2018. All PTCB-certified technicians already have an e-Profile number, which was assigned at the time of certification. Registered technicians may obtain one through NABP.

How many credits do you need to be a pharmacy technician?

An associate’s degree program for prospective pharmacy technicians can take you up to two years to complete and may consist of up to 95 credits. Depending on the school you might earn an Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Occupational Science in pharmacy technology or pharmacy technician.

What are the education requirements to become a pharmacy technician?

Education Requirements. Besides a high school diploma, there are no formal training requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician. Many receive training on the job; however, employers may prefer that you graduate from a 1- to 2-year pharmacy technology program.

What classes do I need to become a pharmacy technician?

the pharmacy technician certification board (ptcb) requires you to have a diploma and pass a certification exam. the national healthcareer association (nha) requires you to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma, a formal training program, and a year of work under your belt.

What are CE credits?

A continuing education unit (CEU) or continuing education credit (CEC) is a measure used in continuing education programs to assist the professional to maintain his or her license in their profession.

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