Doodlebug by Christopher Nolan

Doodlebug de Christopher Nolan

Hello to all. Today, I welcome Ihsane, which offers us an article on one of the first films of Christopher Nolan, a short film entitled Doodlebug (1997).


Here is a short film strange to say the least of three minutes. In a closed room, it follows a man armed with a shoe in the pursuit of ” something “. A “something” that gives free rein to our imagination. During the three minutes, we have time to invent all sorts of fantasies. The plans and images will play with us sometimes leaving false clues. Without any dialogue, the emotions experienced by the character played by Jeremy Theobald reach us perfectly.

Filmed in black and white, the frames are rather well thought out. Big plans, astute enhance the claustrophobic room and the feeling that oppressive time. In fact, if the short film lasts only three minutes, some of the scenes seem to last an eternity, and this is clearly intentional, and well done ! Added to that a music very distressing to David Loyd’s, but that fits perfectly. Atmosphere stressful but also attractive in the way that it goes very quickly in it and in the way in which it emerges completely disoriented !

We realize at the end that it is a vicious circle. Nolan lasted already for his talent as a writer. In fact, he plays with our stress and our creativity, and succeeds for all the long of the short film to make us feel the fear, and a great surprise !

A short film very interesting, disturbing and highly sought after, in which we find already what will later be the success of the films of Christopher Nolan !

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