Ebook cinema

Ebook cinéma

This is four months that I launched the blog and ” My crazy challenge “.

In this challenge, I pledged myself to you, dear readers, to learn more of my passion and to share the knowledge that I acquired and that I acquerrai.

Very quickly, I decided to throw myself into writing a mini-book on how to succeed in their first shoots when one has no experience.

So here’s to you (with a little delay ;)) e-book cinema where I gathered all of my experience : three years of projects and shoots more or less successful with which I have been able to learn a lot, and especially from my mistakes.

This is why I hope that this book will prevent you from making the same mistakes as me, such as burning steps, under-estimate certain stages, lack of organization, turning all alone, etc, In summary, I hope that this e-book will help you to do shoots for the most efficient way possible.

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Table of contents :


The scenario

  • Don’t waste a genius idea
  • Don’t make a scenario too long
  • Write within your means
  • The viewer is not in your head
  • Build a dramaturgy
  • To avoid the deconstruction
  • Your idea must be formulable in a row
  • Characters identifiable

Practical issues

  • With which turn ?
  • How much is this going to cost me?

The pre-production

  • The cutting
  • Sightings
  • The external
  • The interiors
  • The cast
  • The planning

The technical team

  • The assistant director
  • Before the shooting
  • During the filming
  • The commissioner
  • The script
  • The chief operator
  • The team

The word of the end

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