Dreamworks revived by Martin Luther King

Steven Spielberg and studio Dreamworks have secured the permission to process the life of the famous pastor…

The company of the holders of Martin Luther King, King Estate, has given the approval for the studios, Dreamworks, and so to Steven Spielberg, to direct a biopic on the man of war that was Luther King.

Militant non-violent civil rights of Blacks in the United States, for peace and against poverty, he made a speech famous August 28, 1963 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington during the march for jobs and freedom : “I have a dream” (I have a dream). It is supported by John F. Kennedy in the fight against racial discrimination.

After Lincoln, this is another project that is close to your heart Spielberg. Now, to know if it will hold the cap of a director, it is a different story. It might not be that simple producer in this biopic.

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