Epix : “The” solution to anti-piracy ?

But kézako Epix ? Read the following…

Hulu, it tells you something ? A free website of video on demand, which offers services of video sharing. But for questions of copyright, if the user attempts to watch a program outside the United States, he gets an error message stating that it is necessary to look at from the States or… nothing.

This is what appears in the landscape of the Internet, another type of site, much more interesting from a certain side : Epix. Free website and free advertising that will simply all of the movies from Paramount (Viacom), Lionsgate and MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), and this before their release on DVD / Blu-ray.

Of the dream ? Not that much to it. The site is currently in private beta and, unfortunately for us, once again, it is likely to be very limited. That is to say, reserved to certain operators in the united states and some of the F. A. I.

The explanation of it is free ? A deal with the cable channels in the us that offer their customers the channel Epix and this free of charge in order to better the bait. Suffice to say we – we, the French – never saw this site online, and they are never benefit.

The site ofEpix HD : www.epixhd.com

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