Finding an agent for an apprentice writer

Trouver un agent pour apprenti scénariste

Finding an agent when one is an apprentice writer


At one time or another the idea of finding an agent will come to your mind. You write for a while now, or you have just put on, but one thing is certain you intend to go to the end of the adventure. You are motivated. You think you give the means. So why this does not work-it not, eh ?!

And then it made several of the projects that you write. For some scenario‘s you have spent several months or even several years… once again, you are ready.

But very quickly you are faced with two problems

  • You are a beginner and have never written anything (that has been produced by a producer or who has had success in the festival)
  • You don’t know anyone or not many people…

A third problem that affects you on a regular basis : You do read your projects to your entourage who “often” love what you have written.

  • Problem : they do not know more of the world that you and do not know how to read a screenplay… the Result : their opinion does not make you move ! But it encourages you to send your story to a producer, director or actor. And here is the disaster because they know how to read a script… You’re not taken seriously because your scenario doesn’t correspond to anything, or amateurism, is sweating through all the words you have written…in Short, the producers are not part of your entourage… If Tata Suzanne or godfather Roger, who liked your scenario, working in the cinema, you’d know it !

All this to say that the solution that many of you see as ” THE miracle solution “ is to find an Agent for writer.

A agent author what is it ?

The agent for the screenwriter it is “basically” the same thing as an agent for actors. He is here to talk about you, your projects, you put on some shots, you value and in return it takes a percentage on the contracts signed.

It is a brushing/ shortcut fast the profession, a snapshot of the mind of the apprentice writers/ directors, but in reality it is a little more complex than that.

Why an agent is more than this ? I repeat to you since the beginning that a producer, a director, are employees and not a wallet for the first and sesame to make a film for the second. The agent is the same thing, this is not ” THE miracle solution “ that will change your life and give you access to the “world of cinema” and the TV. Even less the one that will make you rich and famous.

As a producer or a director, the agent should not be approached no matter how, no matter when and no matter where.

The errors of apprentice writers

  • To think that the agent is a sesame (we’ve seen), and the solution to all your problems
  • Think (and say) that what the others are doing, especially on TV, is shit. And that you’re better.

Think through the scenarios you are going to become rich.

  • The lack of knowledge of the market and of formats (90, 3X52, 8×52, 26×26 minutes)
  • To believe that you can write all the formats (11×14, 2X65, 52×4 minutes and I could go on… write trilogies of 2 or 3 hours… for example) and that the quality of the writing will carry on what is done (see above)
  • You can be both : screenwriter, director, actor, editor etc… And why not a cameraman, machino and dressing table !
  • Think of the kindness and most of all humility are for those who do not have ” talent “. After all, those who succeed are all imbued with their person, and do not need the other. If you’re not hyper, demanding, the best, a misunderstood productions, this is that you don’t have the talent, the craft of the producer and of the agent it is to read your scenario, because you’re the next great writer or director ! WHAT THE FUCK ! All of these people (I’ve met one, well, gratin, this week !) are to side of the plate. They will once again this refusal to snobbery, they will say yet more misunderstood, etc… will auto-generate and will not go very far…and will plant, or in any case will pass their film and the result expected.

How to find an agent ?

It is nice to say what he should not do, but the purpose of this article is to give you stuff… a way of doing…

For all the reasons that I have mentioned above, the agent will not read , or very rarely your scenario. It should not be forgotten that an agent of the author is as a writer, it’s a job ! The agents are not in this profession for the glory. It is a mix between the human relationships, the love of writing and the desire of a salary !

Take on an apprentice screenwriter under his wing it is a long work of accompaniment, or even “training” on the part of the agent… so that it is not his job ! Take on an apprentice writer is to take a risk for the agent…as it’s going to spend the time without knowing if this ” investment “ will result in it realizing something.

Because the agent is going to have to “train” the apprentice writer to the realities of the job… and there is a high chance that the apprentice writer down arms in the face of difficulties of this job ! The agent will, therefore, have lost time and money !

This is why an apprentice screenwriter isn’t interested in an agent !

Personally I practice it every day, via the blog and the people I meet. ” I have a script great “, ” I already have letters of support from boxes pros “, ” my project is going to revolutionize the genre “, ” you have to believe in me, cinema is my life “ etc… It is also for this reason that two years ago, I have read all of the scenarios that you have sent me… because I said to myself “they may be right…” Result : few of those who have received a reading and analysis of their screenplay, are still there today. Few are returned to me for a thank you or have persevered… they have dropped the arm because it is an environment and a difficult job.

On the 100 played, it has been used maybe 10 people… the energy, time, and skills at their disposal, are too important for the little people that I helped.

Reading short film :

THE READINGS ARE CLOSED FOR THE MOMENTS, but you can send me a request here : [email protected], with the subject : Reading the Short, so that I can reach you.

Playback feature :

THE READINGS ARE CLOSED FOR THE MOMENTS, but you can send me a request here : [email protected], with the subject : Reading the Short, so that I can reach you.

I remember, it has been almost 20 years, the first producer I met said to me : “Your scenario is not bad…but you don’t know the business, you haven’t quite crapped. See you later “. This guy was a con ! If so, even with the benefit of hindsight it was a con.

But it was right for one thing : To train, to research, to approach and talk to people in the business, go to festivals, take writing courses, know what to the market, to know the tame before you want to revolutionize, it is of paramount importance.

You want to find an agent to author ?

Prove that you have something that the others don’t have. Meet the agents in a first time. Talk about their business. Get to know them before wanting to sell anything. Create the link !!!

Get a move on you !

You want an agent interested in you ?

Then I’ll tell you one thing that will make you scream…

Used producers, directors, actors. Once you have the interest of a producer, that is ready to sign a contract of option, or copyright, call several agents or agent with which you have created the link… You’ll see it, or it will be listening.

I can already hear you : ” necessarily he will be listening, I’ve done all the work in his place ! “

And you will get… wrong ! It is not just there to take a percentage and get the hell out ! Not only he will be able to talk about your project, directing but above all, he will represent your interests (and his own) in the face of the producer. But it’s more that if you’re arriving up to here is that you want ! You may have met several times at festivals, before the first, shows etc…and it will be able to say that you accompany will not be a waste of time or an investment for nothing ! Or it will help you just on this one, but will keep an eye on you ;o)

It would be foolish to sign a contract, especially if this is the first time, without being represented by someone : an agent, lawyer, sacd etc…

Here I am talking about a feature film, a tv movie or a series…the short film is not really concerned…even if it is necessary to pay attention to what you sign ;o)

The sacd, as I said, can you help in a first time to your contracts. The association sequence 7 can you meet some of the pros through their evenings and workshops. They have organized Thursday 09/03/2016 a meeting with Jocelyne Resneau of Play Time.

Where to find agents copyright ?

Otherwise, here are some agencies :

  • Agency drama
  • Film talent
  • Adequate
  • Synapsis
  • Agence lise Arif
  • Talent box
  • play time

That’s it for this article on : ” Finding an agent”. Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.

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Tom Weil

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