The basics to make a movie…a good movie Part1

Les bases pour réaliser un film…un bon film Partie1

The Basics to make a movie…a good movie


how to make a moviea good movie is a title of article that may come as a surprise, as the subject is vast, I grant you ! However, you are very likely to ask me this question. I put a lot of time to respond to you because, as you can imagine, this is a question which it is difficult to answer.

But that’s not a problem, I launch.

Nevertheless, a small point of clarification : this article is intended for directors in the grass who want to start. If you have a project of a feature film or tv movie, this article is also for you, it is true that your project will be managed by a production and a team of professionals who will do everything for your film to be distributable, but do not forget that it is you who are going to do.

If you do not want to realize, this does not prevent you to keep you informed…know how to make a film…a good film can still be used for you or someone you know. The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge…But most of all, I’ll give you some tips and tricks that you can use it also for movies of holiday. To take a camcorder (or a phone) correctly you must also obey certain rules ;o)

1 point : the scenario

Of course, to make a movie, it takes a good script, a good story, memorable characters, the secondary characters interesting, a villain really bad etc…But actually it is especially important that your story takes the road. It must be ” plausible “ and that your characters should too.

But that is not all ! You will indeed write the screenplay of the century, if everything else does not follow you will make it a flop.


Yes, but the rest of it is what ?

So let’s imagine that the scenario is ready.

2nd point : the preparation

I used to brag about ;o) saying that a film prepared is a finished film ! Okay, I’m exaggerating maybe a little but in the background this is not totally a lie. If you have thought of all the problems, and that you have anticipated, if your counting, plan work and your sheets services are ready and that you have checked, then you can say that the filming will take place.

Obviously you have done some scouting of locations, making your cutting and ground plan, in short you are at the top ! You have anticipated everything, you’re almost ready to make your film.

3rd point : the cast

This is the first big handicap that puts you in. Are you saying that if the points 1 and 2 are mastered, and your casting is poor, again this will be a disaster. Playing the comedy is not given to everyone.

The solution :

– Try to take apprentices actresses

– students of the conservatory

– or downright comedians.


Don’t be afraid to go to them. If they feel that you try to put all the chances on your side, you should be able to convince them.

The actors are the shop window of your movie. It is from them that the audience will remember, especially if your “actors” to play poorly.

4e point : The direction of actors

This point joins a little bit the previous point. If you have real actors, the lead should be more simple and the dialogues will be called with accuracy. If you ever don’t have one and that your actors are ” fans “, it will be necessary to give them a few basic tips :

– they know their text

– they don’t smile, embarrassed to be in front of the camera

– there is no next camera (it must not at any time look at the camera)

– they will dress with clothes that are not their own (they play a character)

– Do not give them not too many indications of games, but rather a guideline

– Do reps because it is difficult for an ” amateur “ thinking about his text, his movements and intentions, that he must have

– Once the intent or the direction of game data, ask them to remember a similar situation (they have lived) to help them to be a little more fair


The next time we will see points 5, 6 and 7 to achieve a good film. We therefore speak :

Shooting :

– all the tips and tricks to turn properly.

Her :

– How to make a sound and with what equipment. I will give you a small list of equipment

Lighting :

– Almost all company directors are deadlocked on this point. I’ll give you a small list of projector‘s to have or to rent ;o)


In these articles, I try to give you some tips to make a success of your film. Of course we fly over the subject. I’m going to make more items pushed on all of these topics : filming, lighting, editing, sound etc…

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See you soon.

Tom Weil

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