Presented in competition at the festival de Gerardmer 2017, which will take place from 25 to 29 January: BREAK.

Our editor Arkham is a member of the jury SyFy, it’s difficult for us to reviewing the film… and It does not prevent us from talking about it ! But unlike The girl with all the gifts, we will not extend it for hours.

So RUPTURE is a film directed by Steven Shainberg, which was noticed in 2002 with the sensual, sensitive and SM The Secretary. Shainberg somehow remains in the theme of domination by telling us in BREAKING the story of Renée, divorced and mother of a 15-year old son, who is kidnapped for no reason by a bunch of people really strange.

Here is the trailer !


Despite its subject claustro and malaisant as well as his photography not only chiadée, but cleverly integrated into the script, BREAK cause, however, no surprise because of several choices.

One, for example, Noomi rapace: heroin survivor par excellence (Millenium, Prometheus); to find it here as protagonist that one would expect logically to see… a survival, and by extension a heroine. The scenario will then take care of the place fast enough in a position of strength, weakening as well, the oppressive atmosphere effectively installed during the first third of the film, without reaching the re at the twist end supposed to redefine the maps. There are also total respect for the codes of survival in camera… synonymous with a lack of risk-taking. Then there’s Peter Stormare, as is well known now for his game consistently in free-wheel, which undercut a bit more what was already too much road.

In short: RUPTURE can be seen as a kind of version of “accessible” Martyrs (2008), was retained as the main reasons for it – a kidnapping and torture, without apparent aim, as well as the purpose: [SPOIL]find the breaking point of a human being. But unlike the film from Pascal Laugier, the search for the limits in question, however, is proving quite soft, with a work on phobias rather than on the physical pain. As for the mystery surrounding these tests, it clears up fairly quickly via a justification a little gloubiboulguesque, when the Martyrs left us rather marinate in a visceral experience for its extreme nature, inevitable and free.


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