Grey’s Anatomy said goodbye to one of its main characters

The season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy will see the departure of a character from the series. Do not read what follows if you do not know…

Between the actors T. R. Knight and Katherine Heigl, nothing was actually going well for some time regarding the filming of the series. And finally it is T. R. Knight (George O ‘ Maley) is going. About Katherine Heigl, nothing is decided yet, however.

It is the actor T. R. Knight who had asked for her departure, saying that it no longer be too far in season 4. If you want to know everything about his disappearance, he will be the victim, at the end of season 5, in a terrible accident.

A rumor is circulating about a possible return of the character of George O ‘ Maley, who would thus no longer be played by T. R. Knight, as a result of cosmetic surgery. Therefore it would not be death in this accident. Wait & see…

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