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There are heroes, super-heroes, and there are… Hancock. His super powers have often helped to save countless lives, but the damage is monstrous, it makes the passage have in the end become unpopular. The people of Los Angeles can’t take it anymore and wonder what they ever do to deserve a “hero” like that. Hancock is a head of mule irascible that is not the type to worry about what people think… at least until he saves the life of Ray Embrey, a public relations specialist.

The super-hero the most hated in the world then begins to realize that he is not as insensitive as he would like to believe…

Author’s Note


Release Date : 09 July 2008

Directed by Peter Berg

Film american

With Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman

Duration : 1h32min

Trailer :

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Is there a common point between the series Chicago Hope , and Hancock ? Yes, there is one, I leave you in the time of the chronicle to find it.

After I Am Legend, Will Smith remains in excess in we are offering a role that is quite close to his previous film, with the difference that instead of finding people, save them. The similarity lies in the fact that, as the hero of the film , Francis Lawrence, Hancock is resolutely single, despite the world that revolves around him. Only because it is, according to him, the only one of its kind.

And there we said “happy again”, having regard to the blunders we stated in the first part of the film. Alcohol is bad for the health and Hancock use and abuse. It doesn’t make the rules, since he can do and say absolutely whatever he wants. The balls ? The sores go away on their own. A train ? It is flush with joy. The gravity ? He knows how to steal. The old age ? He does not know what it is. Hancock is a real super-hero and the film’s director, Peter Berg (The Kingdom), intended it as such.

You can see in Hancock a mix of Iron Man, Superman and Hulk to stay in the most well-known. And to answer a question that may arise for some of you, who knows, no, no reference is made about the colour of super-hero. The fact that he is black, yellow or white does not come on the carpet. We can see in it a beginning of humanism and a continuation of a normality that should go in the heads for some time already.

Parenthesis closed, Hancock is a film that is resolutely turned towards the comedy also. Will Smith can’t make a film without making its paw, own to him, concerning the scenario and the dialogues. It is recognized as a good actor in the way that it has to chain up different roles. Will Smith happened lately d’Has The pursuit Of Happiness, a biopic and a comedy-drama with tender and strong, in Hancock, a science-fiction film. Not to mention his performances in Enemy of the State , or Ali. It must be said clearly, with Will Smith, one has to make a very good game player.

A public relations specialist – Jason Bateman (The Wonderful Store Of Mr Magorium, Juno) – that he crosses on his path he advocates a radical change of behavior for it to be liked by people, instead of destroying everything around him, and be at the limit of the historical low-level vocabulary. His wife – Charlize Theron (In The Valley of Elah, Monster) on the other hand, is oddly a bit more reluctant in the face of this half-man, half-god.

So he spends a few days in jail, serving sentences that it has caused because of the destruction he could cause during these manly arrests. He discovered another part of him, he redécouvrira.

Will another Hancock, respectful of himself and of others and helping his neighbor as he should be. With an accessory in addition, an excellent garment “pussy-dick in the Wolverine,” says one of the thugs.

There is always a background of humanism in a film of SF. Be the only one of its species on Earth. Be spy, look at all. Realize that we are unique and cope with this situation. Discomfort will be felt when we realize it.

Hancock is a very good entertainment. The film revolutionizes not the genre but it brings in a more substantial panel classic super-heroes : the humor. A real comedy, not one of his blagounettes where you loose a small “pfff” with a smile. No, here we laugh, or we laugh. And it did go quite well on the pill for the obvious lack of scenario. But here we are in a movie of SF, where the scenarios are repeated, follow, linked together and intersect each other. But where the special effects are very well made and where John Dykstra (Star Wars : Episode IV – A New Hope) and the teams from Sony Pictures Imageworks and Carey Villegas have done a very good job. Take it out after an hour and a half movie that leaves you pleasantly to see.

The point in common, you have found ? It is the director Peter Berg, because he is an actor in the series Chicago Hope, in the role of Dr. Billy Kronk. A note to finish that he will be in charge to do one of the remakes, the most anticipated of fans of SF, Dune. Start of production in 2009.

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