HANNIBAL : Amazon and Netflix does not save the series

Thee series HANNIBAL continues. The future of the series was in danger after that NBC has decided to cancel the show, at the dawn of its 4th season, because of hearings considered to be disappointing. But a brief hope appeared when it was learned that two broadcasters important enough was manifested to resume the series : Netflix and Amazon.

A hope, as brief as to be without end, because neither of them has accepted to engage in the project. A blow important that could mark the death of the series for good. Especially that the two main actors (Mads Mikkelsen , and Hugh Dancy) are now released from their contract. Information that strongly implies that it is the end for good. Unless another reversal of the situation, at Comic-con for example ?



Seasons : 3

Number of episodes : 39

Format : 42 minutes

Distributor : NBC

Original title : Hannibal

Creation : Bryan Fuller

With : Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas, Laurence Fishburn Gillian Anderson, Katharine Isabelle

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