Hansel and Gretel or how to control his imagination

Hansel et Gretel ou comment maitriser son imagination

Take control of your imagination

You remember Hansel and Gretel

I doubt that this title,” take Control of your imagination … remember-you of hansel and gretel ” may seem strange ;o) last week, I spoke to you of methods to stimulate your imagination. This is mostly out of this article, it is not that you had need of stimulation but rather to succeed to release your imagination.

You need to use everything around you to begin to writee or feed in your stories.

Why is this article this week ?

The comment of one of you I was distracted and is at the origin of this article.

He said in substance : ” Je don’t have a problem of imagination, quite the contrary even. I have so many that I begin to write the scenario and then another idea comes to me. I decided therefore to abandon the first idea to devote myself to the second, and so on “.

My first reaction was to ask him if he really wanted to know the answer…This reader told me that it should surely not be done to be a scriptwriter, then as much as I tell him right away.

You start to know me and you know well that I would never say such a thing. On the other hand, when I ask him if he really wants to know the answer, this is not trivial.

Sometimes one asks a question and we already know the answer…we don’t want to admit it. And then, we ask the question, because it is more simple for someone to tell us what is wrong rather than self analyze. Sometimes, we are not ready to hear the answer ;o) I’m not saying that this is necessarily the case for our reader ! But I had to ask him if he really wanted to know what I’m about to tell you.

At the bottom, I am certain that this future writer or colleague (who knows !) is not the only one to experience this problem. I have analyzed a lot of scenarios during the year and the time that I send my observations they were already moved on to another scenario.

And Hansel and Gretel in all of this ? A little patience…


It is gone !

Have an imagination overflowing it is an extraordinary opportunity. Still it is necessary to know the control. Beyond applying techniques for control, it is especially necessary to ask why we pass from one idea to another without finishing the first.

The answer is obvious : It is easier than going to the end !


Write…it is to travel in us

You will find me not clear ? It is very simple : change your mind all the time, without taking the time to address the first idea till the end, we avoided to put us in danger. Change your mind we don’t have to be confronted with our own limitations, lack of technical difficulties as well as to the scope of our idea, is it viable or not ?

It is easy to begin a story as we are transported by theadrenaline rush it provides and the multitude of opportunities available to us. But an idea is only good if it holds the road and especially the length.

I tell you since the beginning of this blog, having good ideas is no guarantee of making good films. Because it is the treatment of this idea that makes your scenario will be different from others and that it will be great.

Except that to treat a it should be get naked. It is necessary to put it to work and it is the most difficult. I repeat, it is necessary to take the length ! The fact of moving from one idea to the other gives us the feeling of always working…To be prolific. However, it is not. You can start to write 30 ideas, 30 the beginnings of scenarios…at the end you will have nothing written. Because 30 the beginnings of scenarios will never make a entire scenario.

So what’s the solution ?

When one sets out to write a scenario where one begins to exploit an idea, it often happens that our brains make associations of ideas. It is this that leads us on to other tracks. I think it comes down to this can be a good way to bounce your story at any given time. Make note of new ideas in a separate folder and then close this folder and continue to work on your scenario. You can return to it later if you are down or stuck on a part of your story. This will help you to reprime the pump.

In short, it is not necessary to scan these new ideas to a flip of the hand. It takes it out of your head because they can be used. Avoid too long texts to set your ideas because you’ll want to write the maximum details. It is, of course, here the trap !!. It is necessary that you résumiez your idea in a sentence or two. You will see that with time, when you come back above, some of these ideas seem odd or not very usable with the project you are writing.


The true solution !

Each time you move from one idea to another, or rather that you abandon one idea for another, is that basically, you don’t really know where you are going. This is the classic symptom of the apprentice writer who has skipped the basic steps such as the skeleton, the steps of the hero’s journey where research necessary to deal with the idea, and more precisely the issue that it is currently processing.

Hansel and Gretel ?

Ah yes, I had almost forgotten ! Do you remember the tale ofHansel and Gretel. In this tale, the stepmother ofHansel and Gretel is afraid of the famine. She asked their father to take the children into the forest to lose. Two mouths to feed and less…This is not nothing…Except that the children hear the plan of the mother-in-law, take small pebbles that they throw from time to time to pave the way. Thanks to this scheme, as they find their way home.

Friends writers, you need to put in place the same process so that your story can be coherent. You must tag your thought, your story, to always find your way back. Otherwise, you will lose in the far-fetched ideas and wild imagination of your brain. Or, even worse, you will not be able to find what you want to say. You will not be able to find the journey of your thought. You will go in all directions.



Hansel and Gretel, we learn something else. The second time that the father leads Hansel and Gretel in the forest, they have no more stones to mark the path. They, therefore, serve of bread that the birds eat. Hansel and Gretel find themselves in the inability to return home and land at the witch.

We can draw a parallel to this story when we balisons the path of our history. Indeed, if the points of passage of our history is not strong, it is possible that they will be swept away by our new ideas, just as the bread ofHansel and Gretel. That is why, each tag and each step in the journey of the hero should be strong, and thoughtful.


To summarize : If you set out to write without a specific plan, it is normal that you lose yourself and that your brain takes you on other tracks.


It is very rare to find a writer or a writer/ director who manages to get out of a sudden , a first draft of a scenario, with the early, the middle and the end. Even if you could do that, you would have to go back and rework the passages, a bit weak without from in all directions.

It is therefore necessary to structure your thinking to limit your imagination to navigate from tag to tag as you have defined through your timeline.

You will have understood, the secret lies in the preparation of your story and the ability that you have to treat it.

Having a vivid imagination is therefore a very good thing when one wants to write novels or screenplays. He should just stick to the diagram. It is necessary to go to the end of the idea. Make this path also go to the end of yourself. What you write is necessarily related to what you are or what you are planning to you. It is impossible to write that is completely foreign to us. This is why there is always a part of us.

Moving from one idea to the other all the time so can put the finger on the fact that one does not know not really where we are going. I know, it is a little weird but it is like that. It is necessary to finish what we started or it will never finish. But for this it is necessary to know what we want to say ;o)

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