How do I complain to Dell India?

How do I complain to Dell India?

Call customer support if you would like our friendly agents to help you resolve an issue with your order. You’ll find the phone numbers for our support teams below….Call.

Department Hours of Operation Phone Number
Home Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm Toll Free: 1800-425-2067 Toll: 080-2510-8067

How do you contact Dell?

You may no longer see ads that interest you….Consumer & member purchase sales support (phone)

Home & home office 1-877-717-3355
Purchase or upgrade, accessories, or replacement parts 1-800-357-3355
Member purchase program 1-800-695-8133
Support for the Deaf, hearing impaired, or speech impaired 1-877-DELLTTY

How can I return my Dell laptop in India?

Call 1800-425-4026 (Toll Free – BSNL & MTNL subscribers only) or call 080-2506-8026 (standard charges apply).

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How do I email a complaint to a bad service?

How to write a complaint email step-by-step

  1. Step 1: Starting and Greeting.
  2. Step 2: Explain your problem (Why are you complaining?)
  3. Step 3: Write about what you have done to resolve it (optional)
  4. Step 4: Attach copies of supporting documents (What evidence do you have?)
  5. Step 5: How would you like to resolve the issue?

Where is Dell company from?

Austin, TX
Dell/Place founded
Dell is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. The company, first named PC’s Limited, was founded in 1984 by American Michael Dell, who was then a student at the University of Texas in Austin. Initially running the business from a dormitory room, Dell started out providing customized upgrades for PCs.

How do I request Dell warranty?

Overview. Submitting a support request for an in-warranty issue for an eligible Dell personal computer got easier with Service Request Online. Submit a support request on the web and a Dell representative will respond to your request within one business day.

Will Dell refund my laptop?

Refund of a Product is allowed only under the following circumstances: If the Product delivery takes more time than promised, then the customer can cancel the order and the full amount will be refunded to customer within 14 working days. Such a request should be raised within 48 hours of receipt of the Product.

How to complaint to Dell?

Call Customer Care on 1 (800) 624-9897

  • Visit Customer Care Contact Form
  • Visit Dell Technical Support
  • Call Headquarters on 1-866-931-3355
  • Tweet Dell Customer Care
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  • Follow Dell
  • What is Dell customer service phone number?

    Dell Monitor Customer Support Service Phone Number. The customer support phone number of Dell Monitor is 1-800-624-9897, 1-800-433-9014 (Click phone number to call).

    How do I contact Dell’s corporate office?

    – Phone Number:Contact Dell headquarters by phone at 1-800-289-3355 or 1-512-338-4400. – Email:We did not find a direct email address for Dell headquarters. – Website:If you are planning on purchasing a Dell you will visit the same company website as you will to find out more about the corporate side of the business.

    What is the toll – free number for Dell support?

    For after sales support, call dell toll free number 1800-425-0088 for home and business laptops and desktops, 1800-425-2066 for XPS and 1800-425-4051 for Workstation and Servers.

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