How do I fix my Dell XPS 13 black screen?

How do I fix my Dell XPS 13 black screen?

Resolution. To work around the issue, force a restart of the system by pressing and holding the Power Button for up to 20 seconds. Updating the latest BIOS version on the computer will help resolve the issue.

Why is my Dell XPS screen blinking?

The Dell XPS 9560/Precision 5520 systems may develope a black screen or flickering issue, especially with a Ultra-High Definition (UHD) system configuration. This issue occurs after upgrading the Intel HD Graphics driver to the version newer than 21.20. 16.4574, downloaded directly from the Intel support site.

Why does my Dell XPS screen go black?

The main cause of the Dell black screen issue is a bad connection between your graphics drivers and your operating system. Another possible cause is a display adapter driver update issue. You may also run into a Black Screen of Death after system updates or installations, which you may need a reinstallation of Windows.

Why my laptop screen got lines?

If you are using a laptop computer, the screen may have been damaged or jostled loose by being banged around, or by routine wear from opening and closing the lid. Try gently bending the corners of the screen to see if the lines change or disappear. If so, the lines are caused by physical strain on the screen.

How do I fix my Dell XPS screen flickering?

Resolution Steps

  1. Install the latest version of LCD firmware available for Dell XPS 9380 to resolve the issue: Go to the Dell Support Site. Enter the service tag or express service code to get drivers specific to how the system shipped.
  2. Restart your system and check if the issue is resolved.

How do I fix my Dell XPS 13 driver problems?

How to Fix Dell XPS 13 Display Driver Problems

  1. Go to the driver page.
  2. Click Download File.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Click Yes when asked if the driver can make changes to your PC.
  5. Click Install when the Update Package window appears.
  6. Click Next in the setup program.
  7. Click Yes to accept the license agreement.

Is the XPS 13 any good?

The Dell XPS 13 (11th Gen) largely makes the best laptop around even better, bringing even better speed and better graphics performance in most situations. That’s coupled with the many subtle improvements Dell already made to the XPS 13 this year, including a truly bezel-less InfinityEdge display and an even more comfortable keyboard and touchpad.

How do you turn on Bluetooth on Dell XPS?

Locate the black plastic switch on the right side of the XPS M1530 and push it toward the optical drive slot. You should see the blue Bluetooth logo on the keyboard bezel light up. If the light turns on, the issue is resolved. If not, continue to the next step.

What are the dimensions of a Dell XPS 13?

The Dell XPS 13’s dimensions are listed as 11.98 inches (304mm) wide, and 7.88 inches (200mm) deep. Compare this to the MacBook Air 13, which is 12.8 inches (325mm) x 8.94 inches (227mm), and right away it is clear that the Dell is quite a bit smaller.

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