How do I get past K9 Web Protection?

How do I get past K9 Web Protection?

  1. first go to control panel .
  2. find DEVICE MANAGER. click on it.
  3. now go to view tab on the upper side of the window page.
  4. click or mark on show hidden devices.
  5. click on Non plug and play drives.
  6. find bckd and under its properties section stop it. now restart pc.
  7. remember restart pc.

Why is Internet restriction software available and important?

The motive is often to prevent access to content which the computer’s owner(s) or other authorities may consider objectionable. When imposed without the consent of the user, content control can be characterised as a form of internet censorship.

What does K9 Web Protection do?

What is K9 Web Protection? K9 Web Protection was a software product developed by Blue Coat, Inc. to filter and restrict Internet access. The software was adopted by businesses to restrict employees from wasting time on unproductive websites and to prevent users from accessing malware.

How do I disable Blue Coat Unified Agent?


  1. Log in to
  2. Select Service Mode > Mobility > Unified Agent.
  3. In the Unified Agent, Settings are located “Allow the agent to be disabled by end user” option.

How do I activate McAfee Web Protection?

McAfee Web Protection – Enable/Disable

  1. Open the Computer Safety Tips folder on the desktop.
  2. Double-click the McAfee Web Protection shortcut.
  3. Click Enable when you would like to turn the service on OR Disable to stop the service.
  4. Restart the computer.

Does Windows 10 need Web Protection?

Whether you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10 or you’re thinking about it, a good question to ask is, “Do I need antivirus software?”. Well, technically, no. Microsoft has Windows Defender, a legitimate antivirus protection plan already built into Windows 10.

How to uninstall K9 protection?

To load in Safe Mode with Networking and remove K9 Web Protection do the following: Start or restart your Windows Keep pressing F8 button from the beginning of the boot This will open Advanced Boot Option menu In the menu choose Safe Mode with Networking (use arrows on the keyboard to navigate) Wait until Windows loads Download WiperSoft Antispyware Malware Remediation Tool scan and remove found threats. Restart Windows in Normal Mode

What is Blue Coat web protection?

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection is a program developed by Blue Coat Systems. The most used version is 3.2.36, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. It adds a background controller service that is set to automatically run.

What is Blue Coat web proxy?

Blue Coat (Web Proxy) Blue Coat is a tool to keep people away from dangerous websites. When a computing device on the Medical Center network tries to access a website which falls under the Phishing, Botnets and Spam categories, you will be redirected to a custom exception page indicating that the website is blocked.

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