How do I get the black spindle quest?

How do I get the black spindle quest?

Black Spindle is an exotic sniper rifle that is guaranteed to drop by completing the alternate ending of the Lost to Light story mission. It can also be obtained as a random drop from the 390 Light version of Crota’s End.

Can you still get the black spindle?

According to the Destiny wikia, the Black Spindle can only be obtained when “Lost to Light” is the Daily Heroic. However, I found another source saying it can be acquired at any time, simply by putting the mission on Heroic difficulty.

Can you still get black hammer destiny?

Black Hammer is a legendary sniper rifle. It can only be obtained as a random loot drop in the Crota’s End raid.

Is the black spindle whisper of the worm?

An Exotic sniper rifle named Whisper of the Worm, which is essentially the Black Spindle, making it one of the game’s most useful weapons. The reveal of both the mission and the weapon has sent the community into a frenzy, but be warned – unlocking it isn’t easy.

How do I start the black spindle quest in Diablo 1?

To activate the hidden quest ending, play the Lost to Light Daily Heroic mission as normal until you start escaping the Hellmouth. When you get to the room where you need three keys to open the door, head over to the Fallen Ketch that you visit in the Shadow Thief Strike.

Who is xol in Destiny 2?

Xol, Will of the Thousands is one of the five Worm Gods, ancient beings second only to the Darkness itself in the hierarchy of the Hive pantheon. He was worshipped by the High Priest Nokris, Herald of Xol and the Grasp of Nokris prior to his death and defection, and is the main antagonist of the Warmind expansion.

Can you get Whisper of the worm without DLC?

Are you referring to Whisper of the Worm? All players of Destiny 2 can acquire it. Even without any dlc? Yep!

Is the Necrochasm good?

Necrochasm is an Exotic primary auto rifle. This weapon can only be acquired by upgrading the Eidolon Ally with a Crux of Crota – learn all about it here. The good: Only AR with Arc damage, immediate access to perks, quick reload speed. The bad: Low Impact, underwhelming perks, small magazine size.

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