How do I register for online classes at PCC?

How do I register for online classes at PCC?

Registering for classes at PCC is done online – here’s how:

  1. Log in. Log in to MyPCC.
  2. Term-to-term checklist. On the MyPCC Home tab, and click Register for classes in the Term-to-Term Checklist.
  3. Look up your classes.
  4. Choose the subject area.
  5. View sections.
  6. Check for available seats.
  7. Register for the class!
  8. Check your status.

Is it too late to register for PCC?

Every student who has applied and enrolled at PCC will be given a registration date and time. You may register online at or after your designated time, but not before your date and time.

When can you register for winter classes at PCC?

Winter 2022

Registration group Registration begins on…
Group 7 students with 6 – 10 credits Wednesday, November 17, 7am
Group 8 students with 0 – 5 credits Wednesday, November 17, 11am
Group 9 students not enrolled in previous term Thursday, November 18, 7am
Group 10 undeclared degree students Tuesday, November 23, 7am

How do I add a class to PCC?

How to Register (Add Classes)

  1. Login to LancerPoint Need Help Logging In?
  2. Go to My Classes and Academics and click on Add/Drop Classes.
  3. Select the current registration term.
  4. You may need to complete a pre-registration survey.

Are PCC classes online?

Every semester we offer hundreds of online and hybrid courses. Take distance education classes to complete requirements for a degree or certificate and/or to prepare for transfer!

When can I register for classes PSU?

Summer 2022 registration dates….Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Minimum Credits First Day to Register
Nondegree February 2, 2022

How many classes can you take at PCC?

Students in good academic standing are allowed to register for a maximum of 19 credits per term. If you wish to enroll in more than 19 credits, you must receive permission from an academic advisor, counselor, or department chair.

Can I take one class at PCC?

You only need to have one unit for each Fall and Spring semester to be a student at PCC, and you don’t need to take units for Summer and Winter sessions to be considered a student. If you are on academic or progress probation, the maximum number of units you can take each semester is 12.3.

How long are summer classes at PCC?

Our Winter and Summer sessions are more intense because they are only 6-8 weeks long.

Is PCC a semester or quarter?

Credit is based on in-class or equivalent hours and student out-of-class work. PCC operates in the quarter system, in which one credit is based on, or equivalent to, 30-36 hours of academic engagement.

How do I re register my PCC?

Follow these simple steps to re-enroll at PCC and keep working towards your educational goals.

  1. Apply to PCC.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid.
  3. Set Up Your LancerPoint.
  4. Check Your Math and English Placement.
  5. Meet with a Counselor (Optional)
  6. Register for Classes.

How long is summer term at PCC?

Summer 2021

Term Start Date Length of Term
Summer K Jul 27 5 weeks
Summer N Jun 22 9 weeks
Summer S Jun 27 11 weeks
Summer T Jun 22 10 weeks

How do I register for classes at PCC?

Registering for classes at PCC is easy and convenient. To get registered, simply follow the instructions below. You can start registering for classes as soon as your registration time opens. Log in to MyPCC and click Register for classes on the MyPCC Home tab. For more detailed instructions, see how to register.

How to register for the 2021 CA final exam?

For registering in the 2021 CA Final exam all the applicants must visit ICAI’s official website. The registration steps are as follows:- First of all one must click on the website. With the allotted password and registration ID the students can complete their registration and then can easily make a login.

How long is the registration for CA final course valid?

Initial registration for CA Final is valid for 5 years. You have to pay ₹500 for each revalidation and each revalidation of registration of CA Final course shall be valid for 5 years from the date of revalidation.

What is the validity of PCC/PE-II registration after 5 years?

After expiry of the period of 5 years from the date the student initially registered himself/herself for PCC/PE-II course his registration will lapse except where such student has appeared in at least one of the last two examinations conducted just before the end of five years.

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