How do I reset my Yahoo browser?

How do I reset my Yahoo browser?

2. Scroll down and click to expand the “Advanced” section, then click “Restore settings to their original defaults” under “Reset settings.” 3. Click “Reset settings” on the popup window to confirm.

How do I reset my Yahoo mail to default settings?

To have your email reset, you must submit a form through the Yahoo Help website.

  1. Browse to the “Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form” site (link in Resources).
  2. Enter your Yahoo ID and password, then click “Sign In” to log in to your account.

How do I make my email my homepage?

In the menu bar on the top of your browser, click Tools. Select Internet Options. Click the General tab….Change your homepage

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. Drag the tab to the Home button, then release.
  3. Click Yes.

How do I change the look of my Yahoo email?

Customize your inbox theme and layout in Yahoo Mail

  1. Click the Settings Icon .
  2. Select a colored circle to change your theme.
  3. Select an option to customize where your theme appears: Light (top margin) Medium (top margin and side margins) Dark (entire page)

How do I reactivate my Yahoo account due to inactivity?

To make sure your Yahoo Mail account stays active, simply log in every now and then. If you use multiple email providers, sync your other email accounts with Yahoo Mail so that you get all your messages in one place. That way, you can read your emails in Yahoo Mail, and you’ll prevent your account from getting deleted.

How do I restart my browser?

Reset Google Chrome – Windows

  1. Click the menu icon next to the address bar.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and click the Advanced link.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the expanded page and click the Reset button.
  5. Click the Reset button in the pop-up window.

What happened to my homepage?

Please go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, remove toolbar from the list of installed program. This should restore your homepage back to Google. If not, open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options and change the homepage in the Homepage section on the first tab.

How do I restore my Yahoo home page?

Need to restore yahoo home page. Open Internet Explorer and press ALT+T keys to open Tools menu, then select Internet Options. In general tab, type in edit box under Home Page. Click Ok and restart Internet Explorer. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any problem.

How do I change my home page back to Yahoo?

Start your favorite Internet browser and head to the Yahoo home page (see Resources below).

  • Choose the ‘Options’ menu from your browser. This may also be named ‘Preferences,’ ‘Internet Settings’ or something similar.
  • Change the home page listed in the ‘Home Page’ field to ‘’.
  • Click ‘OK’ to make your changes active. Your browser’s options page might actually require you to press ‘Apply.’.
  • Test your settings by closing and restarting your Web browser. If done correctly,your home page will now be Yahoo. Otherwise,repeat the
  • How do I Save my Yahoo as my home page?

    Open the Internet Options dialog box Click the Tools icon, and click Internet Options to open the Internet Options dialog box. Enter the Yahoo home page address Click the General tab and type in the Home Page box. Save the changes Click Apply and then OK to save the changes.

    How do I set Yahoo as my default homepage?

    To set Yahoo! as the home page in Internet Explorer, go to Tools, followed by Internet Options. Then enter Yahoo! under the Home Page option. In Google Chrome, set Yahoo! by clicking on the icon that looks like a wrench.

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