How do I talk to sibbi Black-Briar?

How do I talk to sibbi Black-Briar?

Speak to Sibbi Black-Briar Go to the Riften Jail and either persuade the jail guard to give access or bribe him with gold. During a conversation with Sibbi, he will say that the horse was not actually his, but belongs to his family, and will tell where to retrieve the papers, which are at the Black-Briar Lodge.

Who does Fastred want to marry?

After initially approaching her and revealing that you have been sent by Mara, she asks you to confront her parents regarding her wish to be together with Bassianus. She will elope with him to Riften if you mention to Bassianus that her mother is supportive of the relationship.

Where is lynlynly Star-sung?

Lynly Star-Sung is a Nord bard and barmaid residing in the town of Ivarstead. She works as the barmaid and can be seen playing various tunes at the Vilemyr Inn . Sibbi Black-Briar asks the Dragonborn to locate his former lover, Svidi, and report back to him.

How do you get to Svidi in Skyrim?

The Lover’s Requital is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must locate Svidi for Sibbi Black-Briar after Svidi ran away from their wedding. Either bribe or persuade the guard at the door in the jail in order to see Sibbi if not already done so.

How do I get lynly to play a special song?

If you use the persuasion option during dialog with her, Lynly will play a “special song” for free. When speaking to Wilhelm, she will state that she is unsure of her ability as a bard, and Wilhelm will boost her spirits by complimenting her on her skill. Lynly’s real name was Svidi.

Why did lynly confess to Sibbi?

When the player gets Lynly to confess, Lynly explains that she found poetry to her fiance Sibbi Black-Briar written by Svana Far-Shield. After confiding in her brother (named Wulfur according to Svana), he confronted Sibbi about the infidelity.

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