How do you convert millimeters to square feet?

How do you convert millimeters to square feet?

To convert a square millimeter measurement to a square foot measurement, multiply the area by the conversion ratio. The area in square feet is equal to the square millimeters multiplied by 1.0764E-5.

What size is a millimeter compared to an inch?

0.03937008 inches
1 millimetre is equal to 0.03937008 inches, which is the conversion factor from millimeters to inches.

Is CM and mm the same?

One mm is one “millimeter” or one one-thousandth of a meter (1 mm = 1/1000 m). One cm is one “centimeter” or one one-hundredth of a meter (1 cm = 1/100 m). Therefore, 1 cm = 10 mm. To convert mm to cm, divide the number of mm by 10 to get the number of cm.

How do you convert mm to cm and M?

How do you calculate millimeters?

Since there are 25.4 millimeters in one inch, the length in millimeters is equal to inches times by 25.4. Thus, the formula to convert inches to millimeters is the length multiplied by 25.4.

How do you convert 600 watts to amps?

How to convert 600 watts to amps. How to convert electric power of 600 watts (W) to electric current in amps (A). You can calculate (but not convert) the amps from watts and volts: For DC power supply, amps are equal to watts divided by volts. amp = watt / volt. amps = 600W / 12V = 50A.

How many AMPS is 200 watts at 120 volts?

Watts to amps (at 120V – AC) Power Current Voltage 50 watts 0.417 amps 120 volts 100 watts 0.833 amps 120 volts 150 watts 1.25 amps 120 volts 200 watts 1.667 amps 120 volts

What is the power factor of a 600 watt motor?

amps = watts / (PF× volts) For resistive load without inductors or capacitors, the power factor is equal to 1: amps = 600W / (1 × 120V) = 5A

How many AMPS is a 240 watt motor?

At 120 volts, 1 amp is equal to 120 watts. At 240 volts, 1 amp is equal to 240 watts. How many amps is 1500 watts? If you have an electrical appliance using 1500 watts of power on a 120v circuit, you can use the equation Current (Amps) = Power (Watts) ÷ Voltage to calculate that the draw of the electrical appliance is 1500 / 120 = 12.5 amps.

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