How do you get a audition

Comment faire passer un casting

If your project is really serious, it is very important to pass an audition for his first role, as they will be an essential ingredient in the outcome of your film. Therefore, as long as they are good.

To help you, I have created an article that explains in 6 steps how to run a successful casting.

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In the announcement, it is important to be clear and precise. You must give the following information (non exhaustive list) :

  • The period, or the precise dates of filming if they are defined;
  • the scene of shootings (city, county, etc);
  • the precise description of roles needed (physical, psychological);
  • a synopsis of the project;
  • specify that the actors will be paid, but not paid.

Sort the announcements

I advise you to create a box and mails special announcements. You will receive a large number and a good part will not be in your ad. It will therefore be necessary to remove the answers useless, and select between 5 and 20 nominations per character.

Contact the actors selected

You can either send them a mail or call them. Tell them that they have been selected on photo and C. V. If they are still interested by your project, offer them a date of casting, or then ask for their availability. After which, set a date. Otherwise, I like to give the script to my actors in this second mail, so that they can move only if they are interested by the project.

Book a place for the cast

Theoretically, you can do this step first, because you will need to find a place where a host of comedians. If you are in a school, try to book a room.

If you live far away from a big city, I advise you to try to obtain the loan of a place in a big city for easy access to your actors.

To pass the casting

It will be necessary for you to have asked the actors to prepare a text that you have sent in advance. They will play the scene in front of you (I advise you to shoot the tests). Please do not hesitate to discuss the role with them and don’t consider that talent. Their manner of conduct is also of paramount importance.

Choose and announce

Normally, with videos and interviews, the choice of your actors needs to be done. The least you can do is to prevent players who have not been selected. Call them or send them an email.

That’s it, you now know how to run a successful casting in an optimal way.

NB : please note that for the Parisians, it is a lot simpler than it is for the provincial to find volunteer actors, given that most are located in Paris. So, try to go directly into the theatre schools of the great city, or go to sound in the small neighborhood.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, it encourages me to continue ;).


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