How many nursing schools are in North Carolina?

How many nursing schools are in North Carolina?

85 schools with nursing programs in North Carolina are in our database (see below). 60 colleges and universities offer associate’s degrees or certificates in nursing. 26 colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees in nursing. 15 colleges and universities offer master’s or advanced degrees in nursing.

Is it hard to get into Clemson Nursing?

Clemson University’s School of Nursing received 3,378 applications for next school year, a 68 percent increase. But the number of open slots remains the same — 176. That’s an acceptance rate of 5.2 percent, the same as Harvard University.

Does North Carolina State have nursing?

NC State does not offer a degree in Nursing. NC State students interested in the Nursing profession can complete their Bachelor’s degree from NC State and then go to a university that offers an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) or to a community college that offers a Nursing program.

What are the best nursing schools in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s largest nursing school, which is located in Winston Salem, is Winston-Salem State University. In 2009, a reported 477 students graduated with a nursing degree from Winston-Salem State University. This was 8% of the total nursing graduates in North Carolina for that year.

What are the top nursing universities in North Carolina?

North Carolina (NC) Nursing Schools, Colleges, and Educational Programs Cabarrus College of Health Sciences. 431 Copperfield Boulevard, NE Duke University. Trent Drive, DUMC 3322 East Carolina University. Rivers Building Gardner-Webb University. P.O. Lees-Mcrae College. 375 College Drive Lenoir-Rhyne College. 7th Ave. & 8th St. NE

What are good colleges for nursing?

Here are the best nursing masters programs. Johns Hopkins University . Duke University. Emory University . University of Pennsylvania. University of Washington. Case Western Reserve University. University of Pittsburgh.

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