How much does a proton cost in Malaysia?

How much does a proton cost in Malaysia?

Proton sells 6 cars in Malaysia. These include 2. The Saga is the lowest priced Proton model at RM 32,800 and the highest priced model is the X70 at RM 122,800 ….Proton Malaysia Price List 2022.

Proton Models Price List
Proton Persona RM 42,600 – RM 55,800
Proton Exora RM 59,800 – RM 69,800

What type of car is Proton IRIZ?

The Proton Iriz, codenamed P2-30A is a five-door, five-seater supermini from the Malaysian automobile manufacturer, Proton. It was unveiled on 25 September 2014 at Proton City by former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad. The Iriz is the spiritual successor to the Proton Savvy.

What is the price of Proton Saga?

Latest Proton Saga 2021 price in Pakistan are range between PKR 2,149,000 to PKR 2,399,000.

What is the price of Saga car?

Proton Saga 1.3L Standard A/T

Price PKR 2,125,000
Engine Displacement 1299 cc
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Gear Box 5 Speed

How do I book the Proton Saga?

Using our new online booking form, you can now book your PROTON Service appointment online. Simply enter your vehicle’s information and then choose your Service options. Once , we have have received your entry or query, we’ll confirm your appointment via email or phone call by our representative.

What is included in OTR?

The On The Road price is the drive away price of the car, including the car’s price, the cost of registration, road tax, insurance and any other costs needed to drive your new car On The Road legally.

What is manufacturer OTR?

On-the-road price (OTR) is the price that you pay for a new car – ready to drive away – and includes the additional costs of the first registration fee, number plates and your first year’s road tax. All offers for brand new factory-ordered vehicles will include these costs, so no hidden costs.

Is Iris a good car?

In short, the Proton Iriz drives really well. It’s safe to say that the Iriz is perhaps one of the best in its segment when it comes to ride comfort and handling, and definitely punches well above its segment.

When proton IRIZ will launch in Pakistan?

Subang Jaya, 05 August 2021 – PROTON today announced the launch of the new 2022 Proton Iriz and Persona, offering updated design elements plus enhanced features….PRESS RELEASE.

Package Details
Data Package 5-year Data Package with 1GB each month(2022 Iriz Active and Persona Premium only)

How much does a Proton Iriz cost in Malaysia?

Prices for the outgoing Proton Iriz model, start from RM 36,744 1.3L for the standard MT variant, followed by the 1.3L standard CVT model price at RM 39,700. The mid-range executive travel level is offered in two variants with a 1.3L CVT model priced at RM 44,700 and a larger 1.6L CVT model price at RM 46,700.

What are the colours options available in the Proton Iriz?

The standard Iriz lineup is available in five colours – Snow White, Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Ocean Blue and Ruby Red. The Executive variant is also offered with a Citric Orange option, while the Active drops Ruby Red in favour of the X50’s Passion Red paint. 2022 Proton Iriz facelift – new Active variant, fresh interior, still CVT

What is the price of the Iriz?

The Iriz is priced between RM 39,700 and RM 54,800 . There are 3 variants available of Iriz: 1.3L Standard CVT, 1.6L Executive CVT and 1.6L Active CVT. The Iriz is powered by a 1332cc 4-cylinder Petrol engine produces 94 hp of power and 120 Nm of torque and 1597cc 4-cylinder Petrol engine produces 108 hp of power and 150 Nm of torque.

How many variants of Iriz are there?

It is available in 5 colors, 5 variants, 2 engine, and 2 transmissions option: Manual and CVT in the Malaysia. The Iriz dimensions is 3945 mm L x 1722 mm W x 1554 mm H. Over 24 users have reviewed Iriz on basis of Features, Mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance.

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