How much does a Tanzania visa cost?

How much does a Tanzania visa cost?

Single-entry visas are valid for up to three months for tourism, students, and business and cost $50. Multiple-entry visas are valid for up to twelve months for business or tourism and cost $100. Transit visas are valid for a week and cost $30.

How do I renew my Tanzanian passport?

Apply In-Person: Application form for renewal of passport is available in Tanzania Immigration Headquarters – – contact link. Applicant must provide all information that are requested in the application form.

Can I get a Tanzanian visa at the airport?

Visas are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Tanzania. Foreign nationals may apply for a visa online in advance of travel. Present a copy of the grant notice to the Immigration Officer on arrival at the airport in Tanzania. U.S. citizens may also obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania.

Can you get a Tanzanian visa at the border?

YES, you can get a Tanzania visa on arrival at the border, but you must be willing to queue and wait in line for an extended period to get it. Otherwise, apply and get an eVisa before your departure.

How long is a Tanzanian visa valid for?

How long can I stay in Tanzania with a visa? The maximum length of consecutive time for American nationals staying in Tanzania is 90 days Per Entry. A multiple-entry visa is valid for a maximum of 1 year after arrival, but you must depart Tanzania at least once every 1 year after arrival and then re-enter.

How long does it take to renew Tanzanian passport?

approximately 10 working days
Allow approximately 10 working days for processing. An appointment is not necessary to pick up the passport; however, collection must be during office hours.

How do I renew my passport online?


  1. Confirmed Online Appointment.
  2. Accomplished Application Form.
  3. Personal appearance.
  4. Current ePassport with photocopy of data page.
  5. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name. Marriage Contract. Annotated Birth Certificate.

Do I need a Covid test to enter Tanzania?

Travelers are required to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate upon arrival. The test must be a Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test or Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) collected at a nationally accredited/approved laboratory, with the sample collected within 96 hours of arrival in Tanzania.

Does Tanzania require a Covid test?

How many countries can Tanzania visit without visa?

There are currently a total of 45 Tanzania passport visa-free countries, 25 Tanzania visa-on-arrival countries, and 2 eTA destinations. Altogether, Tanzania passport holders can enter a total of 72 destinations—either without a visa, through a visa on arrival, or via an eTA.

Can an American live in Tanzania?

It has been estimated that there are several thousand Americans living in Tanzania. Living in Tanzania is an incredible experience for a number of reasons, including the friendly locals, the exotic food and culture, the climate, and the spectacular landscapes and wildlife.

How to obtain a visa on arrival in Tanzania?

Onboard your flight or ship into Tanzania,you will receive two visa forms that should be filled out prior to landing.

  • Once you reach your port of entry,follow the signs for “International Arrivals”.
  • An immigration attendant directed me toward a queue in which uniformed immigration agents sit behind desks.
  • Who is the US Ambassador to Tanzania?

    Ambassador Wilson Masilingi. Ambassador Wilson Mutagaywa Kajumula Masilingi before his appointment in August, 2015 as the United Republic of Tanzania ’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States of America, was Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands from March 2013.

    What is a Tanzania visa?

    Tanzania: Visa Requirements. A ordinary visa (also known as a tourist visa) is used by tourists. This visa is issued at any Tanzanian embassy. It grants tourists/ visitors the authorization to enter the country through designated entry points on the border, through airports and harbour stations.

    What is the United Republic of Tanzania?

    The United Republic of Tanzania includes the Indian Ocean islands of Pemba and Zanzibar and the mainland territory, covering a total area of 1,0219,090 km², and is located on the east coast of Africa between the great lakes of the African Rift Valley system in the central part of the continent and the Indian Ocean.

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