How much does it cost to buy a nuclear silo?

How much does it cost to buy a nuclear silo?

Each silo cost $22 million to build, and there were 72 constructed for the project throughout the whole U.S. “It held an intercontinental ballistic missile with a 4-megaton warhead on her,” said Gary Baker, the current owner of two missile silos in Roswell.

How much does it cost to buy an abandoned missile silo?

2 Cold War-era nuclear missile silos that sat abandoned for decades went on sale in Arizona for $495,000 each. One just sold for more than asking price, while the other took a $20,000 price cut. Two decommissioned missile silos were for sale in southern Arizona, and one sold for $500,000.

How much does a Titan 2 missile silo cost?

Each is priced at $495,000. For buyers who missed out on picking up the unique property that sold in early December, there’s a second (and third) chance to shoot for the stars. And fair’s fair. Listing agent Grant Hampton is giving interested buyers until Jan.

How much does a Titan 2 bunker cost?

All operational Titan II silos throughout the country were demolished, including 17 sites by Davis-Monthan AFB and Tucson, except the one in Sahuarita / Green Valley area that remains a national museum. Approximately 6,000-square-feet below ground, the bunker cost $55 million to build in the 1960’s.

How much does a nuclear missile silo cost?

Decommissioned Atlas F missile silo, Kansas, USA: $420,000 The nuclear-resistant bunker is located 170 feet below the ground and consists of a main missile silo and a Launch Control Center (LCC), which covers two 1,200-square-foot floors.

How do you get into the nuclear silos in Afghanistan?

The decommissioned nuclear silo is accessed by a 40ft staircase leading underground that was once home to the US’s largest intercontinental ballistic missile ever deployed – the Titan II. In 1984, the titans went out use and demolition crews blew up the silos, backfilling the shafts for launch control.

Where can you visit a former missile silo in the US?

For those who can’t provide the paperwork necessary to tour the property, realtors Grant Hampton and Kori Ward recommend a visit to the nearby Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona, which is inside a decommissioned silo.

Where is the world’s first nuclear silo?

Situated on the outskirts of Abilene in Kansas, USA, the former silo was one of the world’s first to be designed to survive a nuclear strike, making this listing ideal for anyone seeking an impenetrable fortress to wait out a global pandemic…

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