How much is the toll for I 264 to Virginia Beach?

How much is the toll for I 264 to Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach Expressway

Vehicle Type Main Toll Barrier Exit Before/ Enter After Barrier
Cars & and other two-axle vehicles $0.25 $0.10
Other Vehicles $0.25 + $0.10/axle over two $0.05/axle

When was the Watterson Expressway built?

In 1948, a two-lane bypass was built between Shelbyville Road and U.S. Route 31W (Dixie Highway) in Louisville, as a relocation of US 60. It was named the “Watterson Expressway” after local journalist and editor Henry Watterson.

What exit is Virginia Beach?

Virginia Interstate Exits

Exit No. Intersects City/County
14 Barry Robinson Interchange – I-64 Norfolk
15 Newtown Rd. – Route 403 Virginia Beach
16 Witchduck Rd. – Route 190 Virginia Beach
17 Independence Blvd. – Route 225 (NB)/Route 410 (SB) Virginia Beach

Do Virginia tolls take credit cards?

All roads in Virginia accept E-ZPass as a form of payment. Other roads in Virginia provide cash options and some accept credit cards in the lanes. Visit the toll facilities page on this site for more information and links to each of the toll facilities.

When was i264 built?

Interstate 264/Constructed

What year was I 264 built?

What happens if you go through E-Z Pass without it in VA?

All roads in Virginia accept E-ZPass as a form of payment. If you travel on Express Lanes without an E-ZPass you will receive a violation notice unless you go to that particular facility’s website and make a missed toll payment within a certain number of days of the transaction before the invoice is issued.

Where does I 264 go in Virginia?

Interstate 264 in Virginia is an east-west freeway parallel to U.S. 58 between Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. The route serves commuter interests from Suffolk east into Portsmouth and Virginia Beach west into Norfolk. Additionally the original Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway portion of I-264 serves traffic bound for the Atlantic beaches.

When was I-264 built in Virginia Beach?

The original section of I-264, designated in the late 1950s, lies between the two I-64 junctions. The piece east to the Virginia Beach waterfront was built as the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway (a toll road until 1995), and carried State Route 44 until I-264 was extended over it in 1999.

What is the abbreviation for Interstate 264?

Interstate 264 (Virginia) Interstate 264 (abbreviated I-264) is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. It serves as the primary east-west highway through the South Hampton Roads region in southeastern Virginia.

How many lanes does I-264 have?

I-264 continues east as the Virginia Beach Expressway, an eight-lane freeway where the innermost lane in each direction is an HOV lane.

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