How much power does a Ferrari Enzo have?

How much power does a Ferrari Enzo have?

Ferrari Enzo

Enzo Ferrari
Engine 6.0 L Tipo F140 B V12
Power output 660 PS (485 kW; 651 hp)
Transmission 6-speed ‘F1’ Graziano automated manual

How fast can a Ferrari Enzo go?

218 mph
The bare facts for Ferrari’s Enzo are: 650 horsepower, 3000 pounds, a top speed of 218 mph, 11.0 seconds for the standing quarter-mile, a price of about $650,000, and 349 of them to be built — numbers that make this the fastest, most expensive Ferrari of all time.

What is so special about the Ferrari Enzo?

Even with the somewhat clunky gearbox, the Enzo is a stupendously thrilling car. The sound and the speed are enough to justify the buy-in, and the fact that the Enzo is very likely the final naturally aspirated, non-hybrid, mid-engine V-12 hypercar that will ever be built is reason enough to stick around.

How much horsepower does a Ferrari F40 have?

Regarded as the first 200-mph production car, the F40’s 2.9L twin-turbo V8 generated 471 hp and 426 lb-ft of torque. These were the official specs reported by Ferrari, but many experts agreed that this was an underestimate, with claims that the Ferrari F40 easily broke 500 hp.

What BHP is the Ferrari Enzo?

651 BHP
With 651 BHP, the naturally aspirated 6 Litre 48v quad-cam V12 petrol engine (Ferrari F140 B) accelerates this Enzo Ferrari to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 217 mph.

How much horsepower does a Ferrari F50 have?

512 hp @

Ferrari F50 Specifications
PRICE $475,000
ENGINE 4.7L DOHC 60-valve V-12/512 hp @ 8,500 rpm, 347 lb-ft @ 6,500 rpm
TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual
LAYOUT 2-door, 2-passenger, mid-engine, RWD targa

How much horsepower does a Ferrari Enzo have?

How the Enzo Ferrari Works. Despite stripping away many of the comforts associated with luxury cars (the Enzo has no radio ), the Enzo is not the lightest car in the world. Its curb weight of 3,009 pounds (1,365 kg) gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 4.56 pounds per horsepower (or .219 horsepower per pound).

What is the top speed of an Enzo Ferrari?

The Enzo Ferrari is capable of 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.3 seconds, 0 to 100 mph (161 km/h) in 6.6 seconds, and a top speed of 217 mph (350 km/h), which is always exceeded in each Forza title.

How much does a Ferrari Enzo cost?

Near-New Ferrari Enzo Will Cost You Almost $2.9 Million. With just 400 units produced, the Ferrari Enzo is even rarer than the new Ferrari LaFerrari will be as it is limited to 499 units.

What type of engine does a Ferrari Enzo have?

Ferrari FXX. It was loosely based on the Enzo’s design with a highly tuned 6.3 litre version of the Enzo’s engine generating approximately 800 PS (590 kW; 790 hp). The gearbox is new as well as the tires (custom-designed for this car by Bridgestone) along with the brakes (developed by Brembo ).

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