How old is Promes?

How old is Promes?

30 years (January 4, 1992)
Quincy Promes/Age

Did Promes shank his nan?

According to the Dutch press, Promes is said to have held a large family gathering in a warehouse in Abcoude, a town in the province of Utrecht. It was at this party that the winger allegedly argued with a family member, for unknown reasons, and stabbed them with a knife – leaving him seriously injured.

Did Promes play for Ajax?

Promes was born in Amsterdam on January 4, 1992 and played in Ajax’s youth academy since the age of ten. In 2008, he left the club and played at HFC Haarlem, Go Ahead Eagles and FC Twente, before joining Spartak Moscow for the first time in 2014.

Is Promes going to Spartak Moscow?

Dutch winger Quincy Promes has left Spartak Moscow to join Sevilla on a five-year contract, the clubs announced on Friday. The 26-year-old, who joined Spartak from FC Twente in 2014, helped the side to their first Russian Premier League title in 16 years in 2017.

What happened Quincy Promes?

Dutch footballer Quincy Promes will be prosecuted for attempted manslaughter and assault over the stabbing of a family member last year. The Spartak Moscow player has been accused of seriously injuring a relative’s knee in an attack at a family party last July.

Where is Quincy Promes?

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Quincy Promes/Place of birth

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Promes started out playing football at RKSV DCG before joining Ajax.

Which club is Quincy Promes?

FC Spartak Moscow#24 / Midfielder
Netherlands national football team#11 / Midfielder
Quincy Promes/Current teams

Is Quincy Promes a Ghanaian?

Promes was born in Amsterdam to Afro-Surinamese parents.

Is Quincy Promes leaving Ajax?

Quincy Promes is set to leave Ajax in order to rejoin Spartak Moscow for a fee of €8.5 million, rising to €11 million with add-ons. Promes was under contract in Amsterdam until June 2024 but the winger has opted for a move back to Russia.

Why did Quincy Promes leave?

My world collapsed on that one day.” He later stated his departure from the club was due to his bad behaviour, both on and off the pitch. After leaving Ajax, Promes was considering quitting football but was persuaded by his mother to continue, leading him to sign for Haarlem.

How much does Quincy Promes make?

3 million EUR (2015)
Quincy Promes/Salary

Where is Promes now?

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