How to find a producer for his film ?

Item highly important when one wants to make a film, whether a short or a feature film, the producer is not necessarily easy to find when you don’t know how to search.

The short film has a nice be a smaller project than a feature film – up until then, we must all agree – it remains a project of importance. Whether it is professional or not, with a large team or a reduced, the deal as the best aspect nevertheless remains essential. It’s going to be often a passage professional before going to something bigger, and do well the things is ideal. To do this, surround yourself with the right people is mandatory, including a producer.

To engage the services of a producer is going to allow not having to manage a number of problems and solve many others that you would not even come into your head. Most importantly, it will allow to ink your project into a reality, and to make it easier to finance. After all, this is its main role.

Indeed, for recall or for those of you that don’t know, the producer is the person who has responsibility for artistic, technical, financial and legal aspects of the work. It will accompany the project to its distribution, through the stages of development and production. It will handle everything that is not within the purview of the director : the feasibility of the film, its visibility, it is the guarantor with various partners, funders, and he is the employer of the whole team, technical and artistic. In short, it is a central role which may not in France in any case – that to help the realization of a film. And most importantly, it allows the developer to focus on the staging of his film.

Where can I find a producer ?

When we start in this environment, it is hard to know where to find such a person. However, it could not have been more simple. The first thing to do, and the most obvious is of course to go on … the Internet of course ! In fact, there are sites that group together all the producers in France, of short or feature length films. It is :

  • Unifrance, which give you all the details that are necessary to meet a producer, but also the list of their productions.
  • The website of the SPI, the society of independent producers, which brings together a lot of producers from all over France.

Another very good way of finding a producer is going to be the festivals. Everyone crosses there, and it happens that some producers are present. And they are not stingy with card ! Even if you do not intend to produce anything for the moment, take it, and talk with the world. A network is essential in this environment-there ! The Festival of Clermont, and the Short Film Corner at the Cannes film Festival are two big events to develop your network and your chances of finding a producer.

Finally, we can go to a check-in Desk shoots if there is a loan to you, and in whom we find the list of all producers in the region. However, it can also be local associations that produce little content and that can be perfect to begin with. This is not because it is small that this is not good ! You must check around and do not stay in his corner. But generally, when someone wants to become a film director, he is always active isn’t it ?

The method to be applied

In general, if you do not personally know the association or the producer – and that I say personally, I mean really know, not just to have met him a time or two – you will need to send your production folder. But it is important to understand one thing : if the producer chooses you, it is also you choose. There are plenty of different schools in the same area, they are not all the same. It is thus necessary to choose the producer which will suit your project. Feel free to look at the films produced by production companies, this may give you an indication on their favourite universe !

Let’s take an example that should speak a lot : it’s Impossible to imagine Blumhouse Production going to produce a romantic comedy. Unless it is full of blood and killers, psychopaths, of course. It is therefore very important to look at the films produced by the producers selected. They should match at your.

And, for the record, it will be necessary to send a pitch, a note of intent, a note of realization, and either a synopsis or a treatment, accompanied by your CV. For the case of a short film, it is necessary to replace the processing by the continuity of dialogue. Take to send your file by having made contact.

Think also, of course, to always remain professional and not too pushy. For example, do not raise too quickly for a producer to have an answer, this may take some time. It’s also important not to make a mail non-personalized, that is not going to appreciate a producer.

If all goes well and that your project is good enough, you’ll be able to find your producer. However, thinking only of one thing : if you don’t find any and you still want to achieve, made the. We do not say this for the films, of course, important, but for small projects, achieve will always be good and you’ll gain experience like this. There are other means to find the funding, and the technical aspect on a short film amateur is not going to be so great. A producer that is well, a finished project is better.

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