How to present a scenario

Comment présenter un scénario

Hello to all.

We are going to learn today how to submit a scenario.

Did you know that there is a universal form to submit and write the script of the movie ?

Well, we’ll see how to do it very easily with a free software called Celtx.

You will find the download links below the video.

Have a good time !

  • Download Celtx version 2.9.7 French for Window
  • Download Celtx version 2.9.7 French for MAC
  • Download Celtx version 2.9.7 French for Linux

Text Version of the tutorial

We’re not going to see today how to use the software from the ground up, but only the basics needed to write your scenario.

So we will see how to present a scenario. For this, we will see the different elements that offers the software Celtx.

The header

The header is placed at the top of each sequence. It allows you to situate in time and space with the reference marks : [INT OR EXT].THE TIME OF THE DAY.PLACE.

Little recall : A sequence is a block of plans that complies with the rule of three units : the unit of action, unity of place and unity of time.



The names of the characters who speak and/or that are described.


What they say to the characters.


As its name indicates, an indication gives details about the character as he speaks. These details focus, for example, on his mood, the tone, or a particular aspect of his behavior. In addition, indications can also find their place in the descriptions.

Values of Plan

The plan values help to preset the cutting technique. Attention, if you ever want to read your script to a professional, do not show the values of the plan. If you serve as indications they are not part of the codes for the presentation of the scenario.


The way in which the sequences are linked together one behind the other.

Here, we come to the end of this small tutorial on Celtx. I hope that it will be able to help you. On this, I will tell you very soon.


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