How to protect your scenario part 2

Comment protéger son scénario partie 2

 How to protect your screenplay Part 2


Here is the second part of how to protect your scenario abroad. I’m going to explain to you what you must do to protect your scenario : In canada, The united states, Belgium etc…

If you need to send your scenario to the USA, for example, you should definitely read this article !

In Belgium :

The SACD is also present under the name ” SACD/SCAM SOFAM of the authors.

Contact service host and deposits of works:

Annelies Of Your

T : +32 (0)2 551 03 20 or 21

F : +32 (0)2 551 03 71

[email protected]

[email protected]

Service deposits SACD-SCAM

Annelies Of Your

Rue du prince Royal 87

1050 Brussels

The cost for each deposit of a scenario is :

– 35 euros for 5 years.

– If you deposit more than two works per year, a subscription is possible : cost 75 euros.

The approach is the same as for France, it is enough to ask for a deposit envelope and then fill in the requested information

– Title of the work

– Contents of the envelope (text, paper, USB key, cd, etc..)

– First and last names, nickname (if it has one !)

– Signature on the closed envelope, sealed by a piece of transparent adhesive tape.

In Belgium it is also possible to make a further deposit for more security (stored in another place). But it will cost you again € 35.

ATTENTION, whether you are French or Belgian, the fact of depositing a work in the SACD does not have faith declaration or parentage. In fact, as long as your scenario will not be produced and released to the public, you will not be a member of the SACD, and will not be able to touch rights. (This is obvious, but I prefer that this is clear)

You can also submit your work(s) by the service E-fod, here is the site : https://www.e-dpo.com/fr/

It is the same principle as in France, as well as the same rates :

20 euros for a deposit of 5 years

40 euros for a subscription of 3 deposits

10 euros for a renewal of 5 years

IMPORTANT : Each deposit you make in FRANCE or in BELGIUM protects your work in these two countries, but also in LUXEMBOURG, in CANADA, and the overseas TERRITORIES.

How to protect your scenario :

In The United States :

If you want to send your scenario to the USA, the filing SACD is not enough, it is then necessary to make a registration at the Copyright via a form to ask the Library of congress, Washington D. C, 20559. Tel: + 1 202 707 3000.

Copyright (eCO) by e-mail

If you want to drop a text paper, you will need to pay : 65 $

But you can opt for a deposit online for $35. The accepted formats are : .doc, .docx, .htm, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .wpd, .wps, . rar . zip

You can send files up to 405 mb but watch the time to send your files is limited to 30 minutes. Second thing to know, it will require that you pay the payment before you can send your files.

You can see in this pdf on how much it can cost you : PDF cost copyright

Here is the tutorial to make your entire security deposit (In English !) :


How to protect your scenario :

In Canada :

There are three means at your disposal to protect your scenario.

– Save the title of your scenario to CIPO as well as the genre (comedy, drama etc..)

You imagine that if someone came to you prick your idea, it would change its title ! Of no copy of the work is not recorded. Suffice to say that it is not used to much or not ?!


– You send an e-mail with your text recommended. Never open !!!!!

Being French, I don’t know what it is worth in Canada, but it seems to me to be a common practice and effective.

– Or drop it off at SARTEC

Several choices are available to you, either :

– deposit directly to your scenario, in the office of the SARTEC : 1229 rue Panet, Montreal. You need to put your script in an envelope size 9’X12’ or 9’X15’, insert your text and the seal. And then include on the envelope your name and address (your name and address, if you are several), the title and the category of the work (script, poem etc..)


– By mail : SARTEC 1229 rue Panet, Montreal. You must insert the sealed envelope containing your script in a second envelope with your check for $20 for 5 years.

Once you have filed your scenario as indicated , the SARTEC will provide you with a certificate of deposit with the date and number of the deposit as well as the title and the category of the work.

ATTENTION : there is a limit on the number of pages for filing. You can only file a scenario of more than 200 pages. If you have more, you will need to pay$ 10 extra for the 200 following pages…..

If you wish to have more information on the filing of the SARTEC, here are the numbers where they can be reached :

Tel : 514 526-9196

fax : 514 526-4124


[email protected]

To conclude :

It is true that 46 euros or$20 can be a substantial sum especially if you need to protect several works. But if you put in balance the time, the passion that you have put in to writing your story and compared to a theft of your scenario….46 euros or 20 $ are nothing for the opportunity to defend themselves. There are surely other ways, maybe less expensive, to protect your work. I speak here of the most known and for me safer.

Good Luck,

Tom W.

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