How to write a movie script

Comment rédiger un scénario de film

How to write a screenplay

The structure of the scenario what is it ?


Learn the basics of writing

Is meant by the structure of the scenario : the skeleton, that is to say, of the choke points around which revolves your story. Remember your first essay or essays. Our teachers we have learned that you need three parts, or 3 acts. For the writing of a scenario, this is a bit of the same thing :

  • The first act introduces us to the scenery. It presents the main character as well as most of the characters. At the end of it, we must place an event that disrupts the life of the main character. He has, after this upheaval, a difficult task/ quest to achieve that motivates him throughout the two following acts : this is what we call the node drama.
  • The second act shows us the character in search ofa new balance. This is the longest part of the film. For this, he meets allies, enemies. Trials stand in front of him. The second act ends with a twist that gives a new direction to the quest. This is what we call the Climax.
  • The third act is the shortest, and we described the last step of the quest. The character faces one final test in which he must put all of its resources, for , finally, triumph or fail no return possible.

You already know this division, but the structure of the scenario in three acts was not born yesterday. Personally, when I started writing, I felt a little lost. Many questions remained without answers. So I watched a lot of movies. I also stepped up my reading, trying to find the book that could answer all of my questions.

I’ve found that my skeleton was not enough ” joints “ to keep standing. One day the miracle happened, I heard about Joseph Campbell. This man was studying myths from around the world. Through all these different civilizations, he noticed that commonalities existed. To make it simple, all the myths looked like, at least they had the same base, but were declined almost to infinity.

Through these legends, he composed a diagram showing the milestones that compose the structure of the scenario perfect. He grouped all together, he ordained and appointed. He created the base that made up 99 % of all movies that exist today. Moreover, I invite you to watch again all the movies you can and from the diagram and explanations that I will give you, find the different parts of each of them. You will then find it easier to articulate your own scenario. You’ll have scenes that are concrete that you can hook. A mine of incredible information.

Today it is simple to find on the net some sites that talks about Campbell and his book : the hero with a thousand faces / the hero with a thousand faces. You’ll even find HR managers (human resources) of some of the companies that use it….

But there are still a few years to find these details were not so simple. It is still necessary to be able to apply the schema and understand it. Moreover, if you want to learn more about the study made by Campbell and understand why all Myths have the same basis, there is no other way than to read the book. I would even say that reading his work will change the way you approach the stories and legends.

I already feel your interest grow. But you are wondering how this is going to be able to help your story. I therefore propose to tell you everything, explain everything to you in detail. In the next article I’ll explain how to transform this theory and make it an amazing “tool box” with which you will be able to build a solid story regardless of your subject. You can also go back on any part of your scenario and determine if such or such a part is not good, or fleet a little. And find the best solution to your problem.

Now that you have the first keys on how to write a scenario it is up to you to play :

Are you ready ? Because what will follow will change a lot of things…

I always try to be as clear as possible in my explanations but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.

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