How to turn with extras

Comment tourner avec des figurants

Turn with extras


Turn, making a film is not just about having a team, equipment, and actors. It is also be on the shelf of the extras. They are there to make a living for the rear or the front plane, so that the scene seems real and not reconstituted.

If you turn in a bar with one or two actors, it will have to you decide to of the figuration to make ” live ” the place. This is an example of a shooting in a bar or on the street, depending on the mood, the time, or I don’t know what. It is possible to do not put numbers ! Everything is possible.

We depart thus, for this article, the fact that you need of extras. so how do you do with them ? How to turn ? How and who runs it ? Etc… since The subject is a bit long, it will be in two parts. The suite will arrive next week ;o)

One contained what is it ?

In the absolute, a contained (also known as the actor complement) it is a person who is paid to appear in a film. It is not intended to speak, but the conventions allow him to say a few words without being paid more. I will do another article on the contracts of the extras a little later. You know, like this, how many words a appearing can mean the difference between a contained and a silhouette… and a silhouette and a small role etc…

What I can say, as of now, it is a contained is the sole or is part of a group of people so that a silhouette is an actor complement, whose character’s name is mentioned in the map service.

For example : If your story takes place in a police station and that there was a secretary present at the reception, but who do not speak or very little in your film, the production will consider it as a silhouette and not as a role.

An extra sign a contract of representation. He gives up his right to the image against a sum of money (around 105 euros) for 8 hours.

Then a silhouette will be paid 150 euros and 400 euros.

You will understand that a production will prefer to pay 150 euros instead of 400 euros.

Before the shooting

If you are interested in : “How to make a movie “, you know that the most important thing, when one wants to make a movie, it is to prepare for it. You can also find on the blog a introduction : counting, document is essential to properly prepare your shooting. The tally, called the ” Stripping general “, is the reference document. Arising out of this document other counts in specific :

  • figuration
  • decorations
  • accessories
  • vehicle etc

You will have to make a tally figuration with the number of extras you need per sequence/per day, the number of men, women and children + figuration specialized (fire-fighters, police etc… for men and women). Once you have that, you’ll have to give this stripping figuration to the leader.

The leader is the person who will be in charge of finding and convene the extras on the day J. In general, the leader is working with a file of extras. Which made his job easier, but it must often pass through advertisements in newspapers, on specialized sites, etc…

I recommend you make a rogue’s gallery (if it is possible). That is to say, to consolidate the extras expected for a sequence, with their photo.

When to call the extras ?

According to your work plan and the needs of the director notices of meetings may change. You don’t call necessarily the extras in the beginning of the day. If you have, in the beginning of the day, scenes that happen on the road, where you go film your actor, at the wheel, from 9AM to 12PM… you know that you will not need to figuration… no need to call, at 9 AM !

But attention, if you know that, from 12H to 13H you will be expected to turn a street scene, do not call your supers to 12 ! It will be necessary to provide a time of preparation and a time of safety.

In the above case, you can give an APPOINTMENT to your field no later than 11AM.

There are plenty of special cases in relation to the convening of the extras. And full of precautions to take with the various trades of a shooting. This depends on whether :

  • There are a lot of extras
  • If it is a shooting time
  • If the extras can’t all be in all the sequences filmed on the day.*

Change case :

Imagine that you call your supers only in the afternoon. You know that you and the team-even go to eat lunch between 13H and 14H. This means that the filming will begin 14 H. When to call the extras ?

At 12 o’clock to eat ?

13H Having eaten ?

Or 14H ?

If you have followed this article you know that this is not 14 because the summons will be too late and you are not protected from delays on the part of your extras.

The correct answer is 13H. You must call while you are eating. Above all, tell the leader, this way he will eat shifted from 12H to 13H and will be able to accommodate the extras from 13H to 14 h. In this way you save the meal from the figuration to the production.

That takes care of the extras on a tray ?

In a first step, it is the leader who takes care of the extras. The day before a shoot with the figuration, the leader calls the 2nd assistant director to ask if the summons of the next day have not changed and correspond to the work plan. Once it had confirmation of the schedule for the next day, the leader called on all the extras for them to confirm the time and place of APPOINTMENT. He gives them one last time, the instructions :

  • No clothing with brands
  • No clothing with colors that are too frank. No scratches, no green, etc…
  • Take two to three different outfits

Why 3 different outfits ? Simply because of a sequence to the other we’re going to ask them to change their clothes so that they are not recognizable from one scene to another, and above all it allows habilleuses and the wardrobe to be able to harmonise the clothing between them.

On the board it is the 2nd assistant director who will place the figuration. Please do not hesitate to ask for help to your 3rd wizard, if you have one. It may be that the first assistant (who has more experience than the second) place him-even a few extras… But of course, it is the director who has the last word.

We will discuss a little later how to place the supers and how to make sure thatthey are involved in their ” role “.

So much for the article on : Turn with a walk-on (part 1)

Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions or comments below this article.

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I will tell you next week.

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