Inception : trailer 2 (VOSTFR/HD)

Here’s a second trailer for the movie Inception…

The pitch : Dom Cobb is an experienced thief – the best there is in the art dangerous of the extraction. Highly sought after for her talents in the troubled world of industrial espionage, Cobb also became a fugitive hunted down in the world who has lost everything dear to him. But a final mission could allow him to regain his life – provided he can accomplish the impossible : the inception. Instead of nicking a dream, Cobb and his team must do the reverse : to implant an idea in the mind of an individual. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. This summer, your mind turns into a crime scene.

Inception was directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight – The Dark Knight, The Prestige) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island, The Wedding Rebels), Marion Cotillard (The Last Flight, Public Enemies) and Ellen Page (as Bliss, a Rebellious Teen).

Date of French release on July 21, 2010 !

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