Interview with Ian Beattie (Meryn Trant, GAME OF THRONES)

Was the occasion of the exhibition ‘ Game of Thrones which is taking place this week (8-12 September) at the Carroussel du Louvre in Paris, we had the chance to meet the cast Ian Beattie and Liam Cunningham, who came expressly for the occasion. The two actors who play, respectively, Meryn Trant and Sir Davos Mervault, are income for us on their character, the series and their overall experience.

Attention ! This interview contains many revelations and spoilers on season 5 of Game of Thrones. If you have not yet seen it, it is highly recommended not to read what follows.

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It makes you happy to be here ?

Ian Beattie : It is an honor to be here today for the exhibition Game of Thrones and in a place as wonderful (the Carroussel du Louvre in Paris). This is the first time that I participate in an exhibition, it is a real honour.

Tell us precisely to this exhibition.

I. B. : What I like with this exhibition, it is only when one participates in a series like Game of Thrones, it is in a line story unique. Me with my character I’m always at King’s landing, and I can’t meet the characters of the other places. It is great for me to be able to see here of the costumes of these other storylines. It is the success of the exhibition, we take a little more into the world of Westeros.

We note with accessories and costumes presented a real attention to detail.

I. B. : Yes, and I think the fans will really appreciate this. In my case, when I put on the armor of Sir Meryn, people often ask me if it is difficult to wear. Yes it is, because it weighs 28 pounds but it helps for the character. We put on the armor and all of a sudden it IS Sir Meryn. It is this attention to the details of the part of the creators, David Benioff and Daniel B. Weiss, which makes the series so good.

What part of the exhibition would you prefer ?

I. B. : For me it is definitely the interactive experience ” the ascent of The wall “. This is amazing ! In addition I have a huge fear of emptiness and height. So to be on the wall facing the void is frightening to me. But I loved it. The fans will be dazzled !

How have you learned about the death of your character ?

To announce the death of the characters, David and Daniel, the creator, are very nice. They call you personally for you to say ” Valar morghulis “. They to me have then explained that I was going to have a great death, and that before that, I was going to do something horrible. I already saw commit a murder, don’t kill Bronn, or another very popular character ! And then I read the script…I was horrified. As an actor it was one of my biggest challenge to create a monster like that. Also because I had to wear a prosthetic eye. I couldn’t see anything for seven hours in a row. It was difficult, but for an actor it puts you really in the character. And it helps for credibility.

How was your last day of filming ?

I. B. : It is very difficult to turn its last sequence. We know that we will not return. It is like leaving a dysfunctional family, and incredibly talented. The scene was filmed in Belfast. Gold I live in Belfast. But I couldn’t even pass on the platter. The team would have said ” but he is dead, he is not aware of ? Someone needs to tell him ! “. (laugh)

”Game of Thrones is an important step for television, the series has changed the game.”

So you are dead is it safe ?

I. B. : Oh yes ! Totally dead ! I still went to see David to ask him if Sir Meryn had not a twin brother who likes to hit the old ladies, but no there is no chance that I would come back.

Had you guessed that Aria would be the character who would kill you ?

I. B. : Absolutely. I remember an episode in season 2 where I could have died. But David and Dan thought that my character had to stay alive because they had something else in mind. I knew at that moment that when it would come it would be with Aria. I didn’t know how or when but I was sure that was it. It was obliged.

Do you keep good memories of your adventure ?

I. B. : each time that I was shooting a scene there were the good times. Full of laughter and emotions. In fact I’ve only had a bad day on the shooting. It was for the trial of Tyrion. Filmed over four days. The first day I had to do a speech in recounting the evidence against Tyrion. There were 500 extras behind me, a team of 250 people in front of the best actors in the series, and impossible to make out the smaller words. I was just blocked.

When the series started, did you expect such a success ?

I. B. : No, no one could imagine. I knew it was a series of quality. With great actors and characters. I think what makes it successful is that you never know what will happen after. It started with the death of Ned Stark in episode 9 of season 1. You look at the series and all of a sudden you say to yourself : “they really did that ? “. So I understand why it is a success. We are in a golden age of television with the various platforms and media to reach them, and the way in which the technology evolves. And I think that Game of Thrones is an important step, the series has changed the game.

What character would you like to see die in the next season ?

I. B. : Oh there are many ! Hmm…(Note : he thinks for a few moments) All Bolton ! Roose, Ramsay, all without exception. They are so bad, they deserve a death well slow.

Who do you see on the Throne ?

I. B. : I really don’t know who will end it. But I would be very disappointed if Tyrion, Varis or Sir Davos are not present as an advisor. Because these are characters who are really interested in the people, and to Westeros. They have a sense of justice.

What character would you have liked to play ?

I. B. : Honestly any. This is a series so awesome, I would be able to take everything in. I also auditioned for another character. And I was furious not to have had because I thought I was good in it. But the creators came to see me a few weeks later to offer me to play Sir Meryn. I was delighted !

How you see your loved ones with this character ?

I. B. : My kids don’t like that I play this character. But I am not like him you know. I do not fight too my children. (laugh)

The cast is largely British, was there a pride vis-à-vis this ?

I. B. : (editor’s Note : this express express in French) Pardon but, I am not a roast beef, I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland ! (laugh)

Non-obviously, there is a great pride to have so many people in the United Kingdom, and other places in Europe. Ca proves that there is a large amount of actors of talent. But for me there is also the pride that a large part of the series is to tour to Belfast, where I live. Here above we see that HBO did not arise from economic issues, and for that the people can be grateful.

In the end, you are not disappointed to leave the adventure ?

I. B. : You know, most actors would kill to play even one day in Game of Thrones. Me I stayed there for 5 season. It was wonderful.

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