Is Allan Holdsworth still alive?

Is Allan Holdsworth still alive?

Deceased (1946–2017)Allan Holdsworth / Living or Deceased

Where is Allan Holdsworth from?

Bradford, United KingdomAllan Holdsworth / Place of birth

Where is Allan Holdsworth buried?

Allan Holdsworth

Birth 6 Aug 1946 Bradford, Metropolitan Borough of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
Death 16 Apr 2017 (aged 70) Vista, San Diego County, California, USA
Burial Unknown
Memorial ID 178462417 · View Source

What did Allan Holdsworth think of Eddie Van Halen?

“Edward Van Halen was a great guy,” said Holdsworth, and he tried to help. That’s all he had in mind. He brought a Warner Brothers producer named Ted Templeman to my gig, I started talking with Ted and he said they were interested in doing something, I thought, ‘Oh, this is wonderful.

Was Allan Holdsworth broke?

When a tour with Williams collapsed, Holdsworth found himself broke in the USA and he literally had to hock his guitar to get home again. Holdsworth it seemed was always meant to plough a lone furrow, doomed to carry that ambiguous accolade of a ‘musician’s musician’.

Was Allan Holdsworth poor?

That Allan Holdsworth died this week in relative poverty and obscurity (at least considering his enormous artistic legacy) is a sad but completely predictable sign of the times.

Who was Eddie Van Halen’s favorite guitarist?

Tribute to Eddie Van Halen’s Favorite Guitarist, Allan Holdsworth.

Is Allan Holdsworth the best guitarist ever?

Allan Holdsworth was known for his work in British jazz fusion and progressive rock where he applied his advanced skills in music theory, largely around scales and chords. Most of the guitar greats cite him as an influence, with most agreeing that he’s the most interesting player ever.

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