Is it safe to use abreva while pregnant?

Is it safe to use abreva while pregnant?

You can reduce the duration of an outbreak with an over-the-counter cold sore remedy such as docosanol (Abreva) and prescription anti-viral medications, such as acyclovir (Zovirax), both of which are considered pregnancy-safe.

What can you use for cold sores when pregnant?

Cold sores are often treated with aciclovir cream which is a specific antiviral medication. This is applied to the affected area. It is considered safe at all stages of pregnancy. If the cold sores are severe, aciclovir or valaciclovir tablets may be prescribed by your GP.

Is it common to get cold sores during pregnancy?

It is quite common for women to have a cold sore during their pregnancy, even if they haven’t had one for a long time. Cold sores should not affect your unborn baby. But they are infectious, so it’s a good idea to treat them.

Can I take L lysine while pregnant?

Lysine may reduce how much calcium you absorb. It may decrease urine loss. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t use lysine supplements.

Can lysine cause birth defects?

In summary, variable levels of lysine or tryptophan supplementation did not cause recognizable fetal malformations. However, diets highly supplemented with lysine or tryptophan may affect pregnancy through a decrease in maternal weight gain and fetal size.

Can a cold sore cause a miscarriage?

Herpes and Miscarriage Risk Despite HSV being a very common infection, doctors don’t believe that the virus causes miscarriages in most cases.

What pregnancy category is abreva?

There are no controlled data in human pregnancy. The manufacturer makes no recommendation regarding use in pregnancy. US FDA pregnancy category: Not formally assigned to a pregnancy category.

Can I take Valtrex while pregnant?

Suppressive treatment drugs in pregnancy Long-term suppressive therapy can significantly reduce these outbreaks and is likely safe during pregnancy. Acyclovir (Zovirax) and valacyclovir (Valtrex) are the drugs most commonly used for herpes outbreak suppression and treatment during pregnancy.

Is topical lysine safe during pregnancy?

There is little scientific data to support the use of lysine for this purpose. Nonetheless, it is thought to be safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Other treatment includes patches that act locally but do not have an active ingredient. These are also safe to use and have the added benefit of covering the cold sore.

How much lysine can a pregnant woman take?

Current dietary lysine intake recommendations during pregnancy are provided by the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) with the estimated average requirement (EAR) set at 41 mg · kg−1 · d−1 (6).

Can I take L Lysine while pregnant?

Can you use Abreva cream while pregnant?

Abreva Cream. Not only is Abreva one of the most popular treatments for cold sores in general, but it’s safe for pregnant women to use to get rid of blisters quickly. Abreva is a topical over-the-counter cream that is FDA-approved to shorten the healing time of cold sores and reduce the severity of symptoms.

Can I use cold sores cream while pregnant?

The most common treatment for cold sores is docosanol (Abreva), an over-the-counter topical cream. But the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t evaluated it for safety in pregnancy.

Can other products be applied over Abreva ® cold sore cream?

Other products can be applied over Abreva ® cold sore cream once it has dried. For example, you can apply lip balm if your lips have become chapped, or lipstick, which can help conceal a cold sore until it heals fully.

What is Abreva ® (docosanol)?

Abreva ® (docosanol) is a nonprescription cold sore treatment. The manufacturer of the drug recommends that pregnant women consult their healthcare providers before taking it.

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