Is National Apartment Association legit?

Is National Apartment Association legit?

The NAA’s overall a good place to work. There are some department that are better than others, but most department heads are good managers and people. The overall tone is very good. There are a few cliques, but most people are super friendly.

What is NAA in real estate?

Definition of “National Apartment Association (NAA)” It consists of 60 state and local associations of managers, investors, developers, owners, and builders of apartment houses and other residential rental property. It has certification programs dealing with apartment management, maintenance, and property supervision.

What is the naa government?

NAA monitors legislation and regulations in all 50 states and shares that information with your local and state affiliate staff. NAA continually provides education and training opportunities for both multi-site managers and on-site staff.

What is Apartmentalize?

Apartmentalize is the rental housing industry’s ultimate gathering, bringing together apartment housing professionals from across the country and around the world.

How many renters are in California?


Median gross rent, 2015-2019 $1,503
Building permits, 2020 106,075
Families & Living Arrangements
Households, 2015-2019 13,044,266

How many members does NAA have?

As a federation of nearly 145 state, local and global affiliates, NAA encompasses over 91,000 members representing more than 11 million apartment homes globally. NAA is a trusted partner, a valued connector, a powerful advocate and a marketing leader to serve areas in the rental housing industry.

What is the Georgia apartment Association?

Representing an industry that provides homes to millions of Georgians, the professional apartment management members of the Georgia Apartment Association (GAA) directly employ more than 5,000 Georgians, and the businesses that support the industry provide more than 125,000 jobs.

Where is NAA this year?

NAA Conference & Show is your moment, as an auction professional, to connect with like-minded businesspeople and add to your skills as an #NAAPro. Don’t miss our next Conference & Show coming up July 2021 in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

How many Californians are behind on rent?

More than one million California renters are behind on their rent payments, and about a half million of them believe that it is likely they will face eviction in the next two months, according to recent Census Bureau surveys.

What are the benefits of being a NAA member?

NAA can provide you with many membership benefits, such as education courses, informational newsletters and/or magazines, and opportunities for networking at conferences. NAA offers a unique blend of membership services that can include opportunities for career enhancement, volunteer leadership and community involvement.

What is the NAA income and expenses survey?

The NAA Income and Expenses Survey is the most comprehensive look at apartment housing operations data available. With detailed local market and national economic analysis, it gives apartment operators the financial tools they need to measure their performance against their peers.

What is the NAA lawsuit against the federal government?

NAA filed a lawsuit against the federal government for damages suffered under the CDC eviction moratorium and to prevent future legislation. Gain Knowledge and Experience with Leadership Lyceum.

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