Is Nikon D300 DX or FX?

Is Nikon D300 DX or FX?

The Nikon D300 is a 12.3-megapixel semi-professional DX format digital single-lens reflex camera that Nikon Corporation announced on 23 August 2007 along with the Nikon D3 FX format camera.

Is Nikon D300 still worth buying?

Is Nikon D300 still viable in 2020 for non-professional use, just learning photography, getting better, etc.? Absolutely. It’s a decent quality DSLR, and produces images you can print to A3 easily enough. It’s got decent build quality, proper controls, decent performance, and can give you RAW files.

Is the Nikon d300s a professional camera?

Product Description. Engineered with pro-level features and performance, the 12.3-effective-megapixel D300 combines brand new technologies with advanced features inherited from Nikon’s newly announced D3 professional digital SLR camera to offer serious photographers remarkable performance combined with agility.

Is Nikon full-frame?

All 35mm Nikons since 1946, both SLR, rangefinder and point-and-shoot, are full-frame, as are their lenses. In 1999 Nikon brought forth DX digital cameras, which used smaller sensors.

Does Nikon D300S have WIFI?

Wi-Fi is available for Nikon’s pro digital cameras (D4 series, D3 series, D800 series, D700 series and D300 series) as photojournalists and other pros need a way to get their images from the camera to their picture editor or wire service so they can be posted online shortly after being captured.

When was Nikon D300S released?

30 July 2009
The Nikon D300S is a 12.3-megapixel DX format digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) announced by Nikon on 30 July 2009. It replaced the D300 as Nikon’s flagship DX format DSLR adding HD video recording (with autofocus).

Is the Nikon D300 a compact D3?

Just under two years since the D200 Nikon reveals the D300, the range of changes is so significant that it wouldn’t be inappropriate to call it a ‘compact D3’ (less the full-frame sensor of course).

How many dots does the Nikon D300 have?

Nikon D300 enlarge 3-inch LCD with the option of live viewing (“Live View”). 920,000 dots (640 x 480 x 3 [RGB]), quadruple the 320 x 240 x 3 [RGB] = 230,000 dot screens of the D40, D40x, D80, D200, the Canon Rebel XTi, Canon 40D, $4,500 Canon 1D Mk III or $8,000 Canon 1Ds Mk III.

Can I use an old Flash with a Nikon D300?

Tip: If you have an old Nikon flash like an SB-20 or SB-80DX, use it in its A mode and set the D300 accordingly. It works reasonably well. Data, Playback, Files and Storage Formats:JPG, 14-bit and 12-bit NEF raw. You have your choice of uncompressed, lossless compressed and lossy compressed raw. Color Playback Histogram: YES. Live Histogram:No.

What is the LiveView feature on the Nikon D300?

The D300’s LiveView feature offers two modes for confirming subjects and composition on the new 920,000-dot, high-resolution 3-inch LCD monitor while shooting. The Tripod mode is designed for precise focus and accuracy when the camera is on a stable platform and the subject is not moving.

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