Is RWS the same as Diana?

Is RWS the same as Diana?

Other than that, they are the same. RWS is or was the importer of Diana air rifles to the U.S. unless I am again talking thru my hat. But its the same stuff.

Are RWS air rifles good?

For several decades RWS air rifles have been the benchmark in quality and accuracy for hunting and pest control pellet guns. RWS pellet guns are known for their German quality and their robust warranty. All RWS airguns are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Where is RWS 34 made?

What IS a Diana 34? The Diana 34 is an entry-level, German-made Diana breakbarrel spring-piston rifle. It’s important that you know this rifle is made in Germany, because in recent years, RWS, like Beeman, has added guns to their lines made in Spain and now China.

What is RWS air gun?

RWS Air Rifles For decades RWS pellet rifles have been the benchmark in quality and accuracy for hunting and pest control air guns. The RWS brand is known for its German quality and robust limited lifetime warranty which adds to the peace of mind when shopping from Umarex Airguns.

What is the best RWS?

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Where are RWS air rifles made?

The RWS trademark has been synonymous with premium airguns and airgun ammunition for more than three decades. RWS is a trademark that dates back to the 1800s and comes from a small company located in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia.

How many ft lbs is Diana 34?

I get 800 FPS using JSB Exact Express 7.9g pellets. However, you have to understand that FPS is not useful at all. Airguns should be rated by energy, commonly measured in FPE (foot-pound energy). The Diana 34 is about 12 to 15 FPE depending on which pellet you choose to use.

Is the Diana RWS 34 a good entry-level airgun?

This is a powerful and effective rifle that features all the necessities of an entry-level airgun. If you’re in search of an effective rifle to take down small game at a range of 70 yards, this German Machine is an excellent choice. So, let’s go through our Diana RWS 34 review and find out all about this excellent firearm…

What is the Diana RWS 34’s history?

What Is The Rifle’s History? Before jumping straight into the details, it is important to have a brief history of RWS’s most popular rifle. The Diana RWS 34 didn’t evolve overnight to be the successful rifle it is today. Although that would make a good story, instead, it underwent gradual developments that lasted over a decade.

What is the Diana 34 rifle?

The Diana 34 was first called the Panther but later changed to the Diana RWS 34P. The interior of the rifle also changed with the models. And now, we have the end result, which is nearing development perfection. However, the development never ends, and with time, we’re sure to expect more changes to this rifle. How Good Is Its Construction?

What is an RWS 34 air rifle?

Fun fact: A few years ago, the New York State Field Championship (target distance 55 yards), was won with an RWS 34. And we are talking about shooting against more powerful and expensive air rifles that cost thousands of dollars, yet the RWS 34 still manages to beat them all! This is a spring-piston gun.

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