Is Theros beyond death good to draft?

Is Theros beyond death good to draft?

If a black rare is opened, it’s going to be drafted. If there’s a black uncommon in the pack, it’s likely one of the better cards to choose from. And if the rare is a dud and the uncommons are underwhelming, there’s still a good chance that there’s a Mire’s Grasp or Final Death to pick up.

What to draft in Theros Beyond Death?

Draft Archetypes in Theros Beyond Death

  • White-Blue: Fliers. Staggering Insight is best on a flier, which white and blue have plenty of.
  • White-Black: Recursion.
  • White-Red: Heroic.
  • White-Green: Auras.
  • Blue-Black: Self-Mill.
  • Blue-Red: Draw-go.
  • Blue-Green: Constellation.
  • Black-Red: Sacrifice.

Is Theros beyond death the dark spot of the draft format?

All right, here it is. The dark spot on what would otherwise be a nice, shiny apple of a draft format. Theros Beyond Death has a lot of bombs, but that’s not the main issue.

How many two-color archetypes should you draft in Theros?

If you draft a lot, you’re probably used to seeing ten two-color archetypes in each draft format. Theros Beyond Death doesn’t deviate from this formula; while devotion strategies are common and mono-colored decks may be viable, two-color decks are still the norm.

Should you draft throne of Eldraine archetypes in Theros?

If you drafted Throne of Eldraine, this archetype shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to you. Blue-Black in Theros is all about mill – but sometimes, it pays to target yourself and take advantage of the escape mechanic. Give this archetype a try if you first-pick an Ashiok or a strong black removal spell.

What are the best cards to draft first in MTG classic?

So according to this list, Mire’s Grasp is the best common to first-pick, followed by Dreadful Apathy, Iroas’s Blessing, Final Death, Voracious Typhon, and Warbriar Blessing, in that order. These are all perfectly acceptable cards to start your draft with, and they’ll keep your options open.

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