Johnny Depp and Dark Shadows, the eighth collaboration with Tim Burton

Packaged it weighed, Johnny Depp gives cover with his friend Tim Burton

We are going to actually believe them to be inseparable these two. Johnny Depp, just to have finished the filming ofAlice In Wonderlandhas already found material to play in another film by Tim Burton. Namely the adaptation of the american series of the 1960s, Dark Shadows.

Recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, the actor said : “According to me, Alice in Wonderland is one of the best works of Tim Burton and I am very excited to work with him again on Dark Shadows. I was a fan of the series when I was a child and I think that the project fits in completely with the universe, and the creative vision of Tim.”

The series was broadcast from June 1966 to April 1971, on ABC. It tells the story of the vampire Barnabas Collins. It is not only about vampires but also of loup-garous, zombies, ghosts and other witches. An environment that Tim Burton likes so pretty and where it should once again not disappoint us.

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