Jon Favreau / Robert Downey Jr. : Cowboys & Aliens

3 times, 3 times in a row that director Jon Favreau will direct the actor Robert Downey Jr.

It was Iron Man 2, there will be Iron Man 3 , and in the process, we will also have Cowboys & Aliens.

Kézako ? Cowboys & Aliens is a graphic novel – created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (producer of the series Jeremiah) and scripted by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley , is a “cross-genre”, thus mixing 2 or more kinds. Here it is western and science-fiction as the underlines of the title.

The scenario is original : Middle of the 1800s. Aliens are for the purpose of invading the american West and enslave Humanity. But the cowboys and the Apaches had other plans.

The film account, in the ranks of its producers with the names of Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Roberto Orci, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Steven Spielberg. All under the banner of Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Pictures. In the scenario, the duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Transformers 2 – Revenge, Star Trek, the series Fringe).

There was even a release date US : June 24, 2011.

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