know about The sequel, the prequel and the vocabulary sets

Tout savoir sur La suite, le prequel et le vocabulaire des séries

The vocabulary series and movies of the Sequel to the Spin-off

Part 1


This week, I want to see or review it with you in a jargon that is increasingly common today in the cinema and series. Last week I read an article about a spin-off of the Walking Deadseries that I particularly like. I then came to the sense that the jargon US was more and more present in our universe and that, because of this, it is sometimes difficult to find. In addition, many of you have plans for sequels or parallel universes with their projects intended for the foreign market. It is therefore important that you can master the vocabulary.

Then that are :…

the sequel, prequel, spin-off, crossover, reboot, remake, sidequel. These words can be used both for movies and for series.

Well, first it takes an idea and then a story. All this form a scenario and then a movie. It is necessary to consider this film as the original of everything that will come after…or before ;o)

The result or The Sequel

Once you have an original film that works, that is to say, money-making, often, the producers, the channels and the writers/ directors want to make a sequel. This suite is just the sequel. For example, lethal weapon 2 is the séquel lethal weapon, lethal weapon 3 is the sequel lethal weapon 2, etc…But be careful, for this to be considered a true sequel (Sequel), it is necessary that the result is the temporal continuity of the original, that is to say that the result must necessarily resume the background of the characters in the first film, in the second film, and so on.

But as it is always easier to complicate things…and that as soon as it is possible to make money with characters or a world that works, our friends, the Yankees are not short of idea, they have “invented” other words to enable them to continue to tell stories despite the original works and the suites…and yeah, they are not crazy ;o) !


In a first stage, there are the :



This is to say that the story takes place during the first film. To be honest, I put in the time to make the difference between the Midquel and the Sidequel. And these are my children who made me discover the answer. Like all children, they love Disney. My daughter likes princes and princesses, so I watched beauty and the beast 1 and 2…I didn’t even know that there was a 2 lol anyway, all this to say that the story of beauty and the beast 2 takes place during the first movie…it is strange…but it works. This 2nd installment, therefore, is a Midquel , because it fits in with the story of the first game.


And then there are the :



That is to say that the story takes place between the original film and the sequel (the sequel !) This means that the interquel can only exist if there is no sequel.


And finally the :


The history of the sidequel runs parallel to the original movie or the series. The difference between the sidequel and the original film is that the story, or the frame if you prefer, is the same, but presented from a different angle. A bit like if you were to take your favorite movie and what each character was the hero of a story.

In a film industry a little in bern…sometimes we wonder if there are still writers who can write original stories so we we tightens more and more old movies…but modernized. This kind : do the new with the old is called :


The remake

…ahhhhh the Remake, it is a long story :o) How can we allow a developer of touch with cult movies…in part to allow young people “lazy” to discover movies and stories. Well, I am a little harsh by saying ” lazy “.I finally, interest in the cinema it is also to know what is done before and (découvrir of directors, of stories, of the universe, but especially of the eras, I’m not going to get angry…especially against the young, it would be a fake trial because I know around me a lot of people my age, even ” old ” ;o), which make no effort no more. And then I hope that the remake allows the audience to discover the original like Ocean’s eleven or the army of the twelve monkeys, for example, (I let you seek out the original works :o) after seeing the remake, which sometimes, as the army of the twelve monkeys is a remake very well done, and a part of the whole piece.

The remake is now affecting all the countries…including France of course… that this is for Movies but also series, and each time for the wrong reasons…let me explain…The Americans did not know to watch a great foreign film as subtitles the bored. They therefore decided to buy the rights and remake (remake) the movie in the same way, finally, to the sauce, rican, all the same ;o) Or they decide to remake a movie (made by them) and modernize it like Psycho or ocean’s eleven, who are american movies, but if I had to take an example from foreign country, I would speak of : ” Open my eyes “, Spanish film, that The yanks have renamed : ” Vanilla sky “ with Tom Cruise. As I said France is also affected by this ” disease “. 2 years ago, a canadian film named Starbuck saw the light of day and, as if by magic, Isabelle Doval (wife of Jose Garcia) we spell Fonzy who tells the same story, why ?! it is used to what ?!

The series, the Tunnel Canal+ is none other than the remake of Bron (series Danish).

Often the remake is much less good than the original, finally it is my opinion.

And this is where they are strong, our friends from the other side of the atlantic, as do the new with the old does not necessarily mean a remake, no, they invented the :


the reboot is to do a work 1, and then suites, then stop by the suites and start from scratch keeping the same ingredients but changing the history to make a work 1 and redo the…” To reboot “ in English simply means ” restart “. For example, Spiderman has gone through a reboot with the Amazing Spiderman, just like Total recall, or even superman…besides, for this last there had 2 reboot.

As I’m talking about superman and the last reboot, it is necessary that I discuss the Crossover, that is to say, two worlds where the two characters meet. For example, the series : the experts have had several crossover, that is to say, people of Miami have met a number of other investigators in other series the experts (Las Vegas, etc…).

Superman and Batman will find themselves in a full length feature film named Dawn of justice. That is to say that in addition to being a sequel of the man of Steel, knowing that the Batman character will be played by Ben Affleck…this may be an announcement of a Reboot of a next Batman, and if ben Affleck takes over the role of Batman, the movie : Dawn of justice will be more of a sequel to the man of steel, a crossover…phew….everyone has understood ? ;o)



But I think of it, I forgot to tell you about the :


The prequel is the story that takes place before the original. It is as if The lethal weapon 1 movie lethal weapon 0, that is to say, a story that happens before the first film. This kind of scenario allows to situate the characters or the events that led up to the original story. For example, Star wars episode 1, 2, and 3 are the prequel to Star wars, a new hope. Suffice to say that the prequel has blossomed in recent years with : the X-men, Alien, Monster, Academy, etc…


To finish this first part on the jargon around movies and series, I would like to tell you about the Spin-off.

The spin-off

it is simply to take a secondary character from a film or a series and tell what happens to him after the origin story. For example, those who have followed the series : Breaking bad were able to discover, a few weeks ago, the spin-off : Better call Saul tells the story of the life of the lawyer of Walter White, Saul Goodman. In the film the spin-off are legion, all the wolverines are a spin-off of the x-men. Thor is a spin-off of the Avengers…even if Thor or Iron-man have been made before the Avengers. The Avengers is also be a crossover of all the universe. Also Hulk should have a spin-off/ reboot


All this to say that the famous Spin-off of the walking dead is, in fact, not really a spin-off given that the characters who will be in this new series are not of the secondary characters from the original series. This new series will take place at the same time as the walking dead but with other characters. That is to say from another angle…this series will, therefore, be a Sidequel ;o)


That’s it for this article : ” the sequel to the Spin-off”. Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.

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