Know how to sell, generate interest and position

Savoir se vendre, susciter l’intérêt et se positionner

Know when, who and how to talk about their project or self


This article will address the project holders, the authors and filmmakers in general. I had in mind a different article but a conversation of late with one of you (a few minutes ago) inspired me this article on : Know how to position, introduce yourself, and ” sell “

You’ll quickly understand I’m not talking about positioning on a tray, I do not speak of the direction of actors, or how to find his place as a technician or director on a set. But we’re going to talk about the way you present yourself to face a person specific that it is : a producer, a financier, an actor or a director…Or in front of me ;o)

In fact, I had two conversations, in thinking about it this week, I must say that this article would not be useless.

Why position ?

There is nothing worse for someone who is listening to you to hear you say : “I am a director, 1er assistant, stage manager, author, producer, mixer etc…”. As for a pro this doesn’t…Pro.

Just becauseyou can’t do everything and especially do everything well. And then to a director or a producer that listens to you, he will say “Huuu, him, he’s going to want to do it all or manage it all” And in her head you are going to be unmanageable.

In addition, if you are a “real” pro you don’t have the time to do everything, it is impossible. This therefore demonstrates….Your amateurism.

So I know that some will say “yes, but Dany Boon, Alexandre Astier or Luc Besson make lots of things themselves…or even all” Already, it is wrong in part and this is rare.

Comes the moment of truth

If one says to you : ” Ha ok, you are a film maker, this is great, you can show me what you do ? “

And return the person on a site, pay attention ! Why ? Because if your site is not ” top ” and “tinker” it’s not going to put the other person in confidence. And when it is not in trust this is not good for you.

And if on your site there are many movies, super ! But it should not be that there is too much. If not from the outset, your interlocutor will say, “It is not possible to turn as many films, even shorts, so little time” If you have two short 2-weeks or 1-month intervals and that there are a bunch, this is not possible. This means that you you’re self-produced, that you have an association, and that no or little of your films are produced by a production box.

In itself this is not a problem to autoproduire, even if you turn a lot ! All that is required is to show only the main and the best !

It is better to show a movie top 10 movies and top ! In addition, in the head of a pro it is not possible to turn a lot in the rules of art, whether it be financially, technically, artistically or in terms of production.

Who can you reach or contact ?

All the world ! And then I’ll tell you about my recent experience. I left a position comfortable enough in a regional structure which is financing the film, animation, video game etc…Good salary, vacation days in the mess, RTT, bonuses, oh the dream for many…But I like challenges, be free and have human relationships simple and constructive. In short, I couldn’t stay there under penalty to finish flush with my car under a bridge.

In short, for those who are not fans of the page “How to make a movie” I run, with my partner, an online school on cinema and animation.

What does it mean ? This means that “How to Make A Movie” is going to have a little sister named : SKILLEEZEE

SKILLEEZEE will be free of charge, available in French and English and Graduating !!! YES !

Moreover, to support us it is easy and free, just vote for us in the contest AVIVA, giving us your 10 points !

Just follow the link, click on “connect” to the right, you to connect with your account Facebook or by email by filling out the form, wait for the confirmation email and drag the slider from 1 to 10 points for voting.

And then share it to your networks (Google+, Facebook, Twiter, Snapshat, etc..) Why ? Because nobody does it today. There is no school like that in Europe and in the world ! Our goal is to reduce the inequality between people, countries, on aspects of film and animation.


Anyway, all that to say that I left everything to start this project. A bit like you, who have written a screenplay, a movie, or who want to mount a production box.


Don’t be afraid to go to the people even known ! I would even say : especially known ! The elect, the people that you find important. Contact them and get started !

What is it that you might eh ? Of indifference ? Yes it is boring ! A non ? It is true it is not fun ! But what ” you might “ is that a yes or a listening ear !

And then a no, this is not a failure ! It is an attempt. And frankly, if your project is good we will listen to you…provided that you know your position and that you know exactly what you are looking for.

If tomorrow I am running in the face of an investor, a policy or a big box, I’m not going to say : I am an assistant director, responsible for the development of the sector of the creative industries of the Hauts de France, director and entrepreneur ! If I do that I’m dead.

So, if you do that you’re dead. In addition, when you tell someone your project and that you have identified as a writer, for example, always pay attention to what you say ! You don’t know if the one you are talking to is the script-writer ! Perhaps it is the producer or he was going to become.

Maybe if you talk to me about your scenario I will listen to you as a scriptdoctor or assistant director. But maybe I have another card in hand and I’m or that I will become a producer…it May be that your project will be of interest to me.

Never get out of your role, in any case, the role you chose at the time you appear before someone, but don’t forget that the person in front of you can bring you much more than what you expect.

Therefore, in the face of an interlocutor = A role

But stop, you contradicted !

“And yes I say that I am assistant director, scriptdoctor, contractor etc…” So you do different things, so you can’t do them well !!!

That one is clear ! I’m not saying that it is not necessary to know to do a few things, I say that it is not necessary to sell to a same person saying that we ” control “ a number of skills that…In any case not immediately.

Where is my formula : One contact = One role

An example to help you : If you are talking about your scenario be persuasive, but stay open. You know your characters by heart, so rather than say it, talk to them. You have all the sets, all the costumes in the head, do not say so. Leave the place to the imagination for your partner. Be open, or at least appear as such. Otherwise you will send a bad image of you regardless of the quality of your project.

At what time position ?

This is where you need to be subtle. That is to say that you don’t have to go see a person without any knowledge of what you need. That is to say that if you have an idea for a scenario and that you are looking for a writer or a filmmaker you’re not going to say to him, ” I need a director, then money, then a producer, and also think about changing the cat litter box “. Go-there-by-step. Moreover, I advise you to make a roadmap. That is to say, to make a sort of time line where you materialize your project with, for each step, what you need.

Then just put thees the right audience, in front of each need. I would say even more put what you need as skills and are looking for names to associate to each competency being sought. This can be a scriptwriter, a director, a producer, a financier, etc…

So the full formula would be : A person = one role and an application

Fear is your worst enemy after you !

And have no fear of anything or anyone. It’s been how long that you think of your film ? As you wrote it ? That you feel to send your scenario ?

So yes, I say to you that you will not get 2 chances with a producer, but to at least have one, it is necessary to begin !

If you put all the chances on your side : You have done a training, you have hired a scriptdoctor, you have a good presentation, in short, a scenario concrete, then go for it ! If you produce, it is necessary for your estimate, financing plan or your way of producing is consistent with what is done.

If you are well prepared, that you know what you need to get you are no longer your enemy. It does not remain you more that to make the big jump.


I am not afraid any more ! In fact I you mens when I tell you that…Actually I am scared to death but I know my subject and I know where I want to go. People don’t take me seriously or say that I’m going to plant me ?! And then ! If I had to listen to all of those who say to me that I never did succeed in making a career I would not be talking to you.

I like this blog, I go to this school because I am convinced that ” Tom Weil, “there are plenty of other, more talented than me, more insane than me, more passionate than me ! So if I can help you go further, it’s worth it that a few morons do not take me seriously (well for the moment I do not have this problem, one takes me seriously lol).

Because what I wear is bigger than me ! And if what you wear is bigger than you then you may not succeed to gather people around your project and the barriers fall one after the other.

We exceed a little the limits of the blog with this article but it is important that you understand that nothing can stop you.

That’s it for this article on : Know how to position themselves. Also don’t forget to vote for SKILLEEZEE and give the 10 points for your future online school.

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions or your comments under this article.

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